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Submit the form, including the options you would like with 
an estimate of 
how many personas you want to start with. 

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We’ll determine if you qualify to work with us.

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If you qualify, 
we’ll contact you to confirm the Persona order and plan of action.

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We’ll get to work.

These 4 steps usually take less than a month, assuming you submit the no-obligation, no strings attached form today.

Benefit 1

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This limited offer includes...

Ultimate Edge Communications Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 1801,
North Sydney, NSW, 2059
Australia 0402 368 785


Only available for 5 companies, on a first in, best dressed basis.


To start saving costs and improve conversions 
as of next month or your next campaign.

of your next advertising campaign
(when you spend a 
minimum of $100,000)

of Business Growth Strategies

tailored to get your business growing instantly from 
the best business mentors of all time.

• We’ll give your business a $100,000 boost to kick-start your sales.
• We’ve negotiated with top publishers and we’ll pay the first $50,000 of your next advertising campaign across radio, video, digital, out-of-home and print to kick-start your online and offline sales.
• We’ve also put together a $50,000 collection of proven Business Growth Strategies tailored to: get your business going and growing instantly from the best business mentors of all time including Jay Abraham, Dr Robert Cialdini, Simon Sinek, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, etc…
• We can only leverage the advertising package with 5 qualified companies who want to get sales before the end of this financial year. The advertising has been pre-booked and expires November 30th, 2023.
• To qualify, you must be easily contactable and able to make decisions quickly to get the creative assets prepared under very tight deadlines. Time is money!

• There is 1 $2000 Business Growth Program daily draw each business day of the campaign. Maximum 1 entry per person or company for the campaign. Other terms and conditions apply. Business Growth Program winners will be contacted by mobile.

The terms and conditions in plain english

Watch the video for the


Benefits of the Business Growth Strategies:

Home study format

Ideal for WFH and flexible so 
you can learn-as-you-go.

Easy access

Components are quick and easy 
to access, across audio, video and physical documents.

Advance your career

Professional development of this calibre sets you apart as a thought leader at the forefront of cutting edge, innovative thinking.

Innovative ideas

Fresh, new creative ideas are hard to come by, this mindset enhances that much sought-after skill.

Market-beating results

Out-performing your peers and competitors is very difficult if you keep doing what they do. Instead this mindset advocates doing things differently to get better, market-beating results.

A sample of the Business Growth Strategies

There are too many components to list here and let’s face it, we know this offer is all about the fact that we’ve negotiated with top publishers and we’ll pay the first $50K of your next advertising campaign and most people view these strategies as an included bonus. That being said, this campaign is the result of more than a dozen strategies that when you embrace them yourself, will allow us to work with you to create self-funded campaigns for you. Imagine that for a second… Campaigns that pay for themselves. Sound ridiculous or even impossible? 
It’s not – when you think differently!

Many more components


The Ultimate Business Building Bootcamp recording and workbook

This 3-day, 36-hour event was like a condensed MBA that some attendees paid $20,000 to attend. Led by the legendary marketing genius Jay Abraham, the LIVE event recordings and 258-page workbook capture the priceless and timeless strategies that have revolutionised marketing around the world. 

How to 
your business video

This 47-minute video will help you position your business with the right messaging that resonates with the right tone for the new sensitivities required to make sure your advertising campaigns don’t fall on deaf ears.

2,500-page, 5-volume hard cover bound set of 
502 case studies

This must-have collection is a treasure trove of the best marketing strategies ever documented with a fully searchable cross-referenced index for instant retrieval by industry and strategy type. 
It will become your most prized professional development reference you’ll use to accelerate your skill development as you optimise your 
on-going active campaigns.

Bland To Brand 

This resource-filled program will help you come up with new, fresh product, service or campaign names and 
concepts that stick. This is the process used by global brands to come up 
with memorable and iconic brands 
and campaigns.

Business Building 

This concise, component-driven home study program is designed for you to 
cherry-pick the strategies you want 
to opportunistically deploy in your 
sales, marketing and advertising campaigns.


This practical collection of tips, 
tools and techniques will help you 
get your online sales going and 
growing by avoiding the most common mistakes while aligning your budget 
with what actually works rather than what web developers want to sell you. 
It covers blogging for business as well 
as how to turn website browsers 
into buyers.

The world has changed.

Ultimately, it’s sales that drive  your business forward.




Out Of Home


Re-boot  your sales with the Ultimate

We’ll pay for the first

We’ve negotiated with top publishers and we’ll pay the first $50K of your next advertising campaign 
to kick-start your sales and we also put together $50K of Business Growth Strategies for you 
to get you going and growing.

The NFP campaign that generated a 46X ROI and record breaking donations and registrations.

The new clinic launch that delivered over 1,000 leads within 6 weeks.

The 4-week brand repositioning campaign that resulted in the company's best Christmas sales in its 16-years

The luxury 2 month awareness campaign that achieved a 51% increase in new website users compared to the previous year and broke sales records.

The pet food campaign that increased website traffic by 67% and increased revenue by 120% YOY.

The Black Friday Campaign that delivered a 35% YOY increase in cash sales, resulting in the business's best sales month in history.

If you'd like to outperform your competition & see winning results in your business APPLY NOW 
& together we'll make it happen!

Hurry! Re-boot your sales BEFORE Black Friday  — Offer ends November 30th 2023. 


Hurry! Re-boot your sales  BEFORE Black Friday  
Offer ends November 30th 2023. 

Before submitting the form make sure you have at least a $100,000 budget available to invest in a campaign between now and January 31st 2024.

Apply now.

This video was produced using AI, this is another way we innovate and save our clients money.

Most Business Owners don't realise they can qualify to

Get $100,000 to re-boot sales


Then this is for you.


or multiple locations?


Growth and Sales

Set up with an




Looking for



Are you?

A company that spends between

 $100K and $10 million

 in annual marketing spend?


Most Business Owners don't realise they can qualify to

Get $100,000 to re-boot sales


A company that spends between $100K and $10 million in annual 
marketing spend?

Looking to grow and have the ability to handle more sales?

Set up with an e-commerce store or multiple locations?