Apple IPad Turns Boring Homework Into An Irresistible Adventure

Apple iPad turns boring homework into an irresistible adventure

Most of us remember homework purely from textbooks and handouts. Writing endless essays and answering questions in exercise books. Who can forget the excitement of computer classes once a week, with multiple kids crowded around one machine?

Technology-led learning

With technology being such an intrinsic part of our day to day lives, it’s no wonder it’s hugely ingrained in education today. Tablets have been used by tech-smart university students for a number of years, but now primary school kids are using tablets in their classrooms, and at a certain age are allowed to take them home to use for homework too.

Obviously then, Apple needs to market to younger education, where kids can learn in wonderment, learn through doing, and instead of being stuck inside doing boring homework, can explore and understand the world, learning constantly, and with their new affordable iPad in tow.

We all know Apple has strong brand recognition – their eclectic range of products have revolutionised the world we live in. Because of course, they’re appealing and aspirational to all ages: the kids who see the fun, interactive iPad learning style and want to be a part of it, and the adult, who will most probably pay for it and use the iPad as soon as their child is asleep.

Catering to these two different target audiences, Apple has managed to combine nostalgia with this futuristic, technology-led learning style. A good ad is one which you can’t help smiling at – smiling because you identify with it, and amazement at how far we’ve come from the chalkboard and being stuck inside doing homework.

“Homework, oh homework! I hate you! You stink!”

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