How far is too far for a cycle helmet safety ad campaign

How far is too far for a cycle helmet safety ad campaign

We all know sex sells. The latest cycling helmet safety ad creative to come out of Germany uses a sexually provocative ploy to get attention.

Mind you; this is an advertising campaign for German’s transport ministry. In a bid to persuade cyclists to wear helmets, their ad features a model wearing just a helmet and lacy underwear with the slogan “Looks like shit. But saves my life”.


The ad, soon to be splashed across billboards, has sparked a sexism outcry in Germany and is quickly attracting criticism and mockery as it spreads on social media.

Should the ads be halted or has it in fact done its job? Effectively grabbing the nation and now the world’s attention. As the transport ministry spokesman said: “A successful road safety campaign should jolt people and can be polarising.”

As the ad goes on to open up feminism debates and inspire viral social memes, one thing is sure: It’s got people to talk, discuss, share this ad, putting it top of people’s minds. Time will tell if it worked (as intended?).

Take a look below.

Germany ad cycle helmet safety

Image source: Twitter

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