Grow your business with content marketing

Consumers are hungry for content. Brands have the constant challenge to engage their audience in meaningful conversation, identify their needs, and hold their attention long enough to solve their problem.

When you think of growing your business using content marketing, think of your business as a tree. It needs strong roots for foundation and stability.

You will need:
• The right infrastructure to support your website
• SEO best practises in place to ensure Google finds and serves your content to your audience.
• Analytics to understand your audience behaviour so you can optimise content and engagement.

Your website is the sturdy trunk, so load it up with unique, information-rich content that turns first-time users into repeat visitors, happy to share your content on social media. Using landing pages with sign-up forms makes it easier to start a conversation with people who want to listen to you.

Finally, the branches are the various social media platforms you use to share content. Think beyond the obvious Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and have a social media strategy in place to decide which one appeals to your target audience and where you’re going to invest. Listening to your consumers will help you enrich their lives and make it easier to deliver tailored solutions.

The infographic below, courtesy of DendritePark, illustrates how you can grow your business’ online presence.

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