How The Idea Of the Year Becomes The Ad Of The Year

Our RedBalloon “Break with Tradition” campaign has been recently named the most effective Christmas ad of the year for 2018. This is the story of how it came to be.

Can you think of a gift you received last year for Christmas? Don’t feel bad if you can’t. Most people would be hard-pressed to name one gift from 12 months ago. It’s to do with the fact that our brains are more wired to remember things we’ve done, rather than objects we’ve received.

This is the main point of difference with RedBalloon. As Australia’s leading experience gift company, they have over 5,000 experiences on offer. And each and every one of them is unforgettable, living long in the memories of the gift-giver and the recipient.

At Ultimate Edge Communications, we create every piece of communication with the target market in mind. We place them at the centre of the piece, taking the customer on a journey from awareness to consideration and from intention to conversion. In this particular campaign, we are talking to potential gift-givers. Our challenge was to really bring the gift-giving moment to life – the heightened moment when the gift recipient’s face lights up, and the gift-giver emerges as the hero.

Our Creative Director Elliott Layland stayed true to “the humour and the fun embedded within RedBalloon’s DNA”, creating a fun, irreverent advertisement, complete with larger-than-life slow-motion reactions. This resonated with the target audience – gift-givers. Cubery, a tech-driven research and insights agency, discovered that this fresh approach made it the most-effective Christmas campaign of 2018.

This is just one of many blockbuster campaigns produced by the talented creative team at Ultimate Edge Communications.

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