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It’s Okay to Break Things to Pivot and Evolve

The ‘entrepreneur of entrepreneurs’ Lisa Messenger, CEO of Collective Hub sparked a global entrepreneurial movement way back in 2001, providing the start-up community with a platform to be inspired and reach their full potential.

For over a decade, the flagship magazine has given voice to the grit, hardships and dedication of entrepreneurs, creatives, game-changers, thought-leaders, rule-breakers & style-makers, and telling the story behind their stories.

But for all those who rely on the magazine for their daily inspiration hit, there’s sad yet exciting news. With Messenger’s decision to close the business, we’ve just seen the last printed edition of the Collective hub magazine with a unique cover – a raw and heartfelt final letter direct to 2.4 million-strong community of followers about closing her business.

Challenging people’s expectations and going out with a bang, with a stripped back and bare cover that speaks volumes about the ethos of the magazine always supporting the community first. In an intimate tell-all interview we are given an insight into how closing the magazine never felt like a failure but an optimistic and exciting decision of looking forward.

“In life nothing stays the same, and who would want it to? We pivot, we evolve, we grow, we learn.

This is truly the magic of entrepreneurship. As an ‘entrepreneur for entrepreneurs’ I’ve always been an open book, which is why I want to welcome you to this platform with an explanation – why I chose to close Collective Hub, why a brand loved by so many needed to be reborn, and why breaking the things we love is sometimes vital to remake them.

– Lisa

One thing is for certain; whatever shape Collective Hub morphs into from here, it will continue to shine the light on inspirational people and their achievements.

You can see the full interview below:

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