Australian 50 note with typo

Lest we forget, quality assurance is everyone’s responsibility.

This week yet another typo blunder was brought to the nation’s and now the world’s attention. While most people don’t scrutinise their cash, a local radio listener sent in a magnified image of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) new A$50 note with the word responsibility misspelt as ‘responsibilty’ thrice. An error completely overlooked before 46 million notes were printed and circulated.

While still a legal tender, this error, till it’s fixed in the next print run will continue to break the bank.

In April, a similar slip up in quality assurance was spotted on dozens of prominent Anzac Day flags fluttering in Sydney’s inner-west. Instead of the phrase “Lest we forget”, the flags featured the faces of servicemen incorrectly printed with the words “Lest we forgot”. The resulting PR nightmare and embarrassment goes to show that the importance of quality assurance (QA) is undeniable.

How tight are your internal QA processes? Skipping the vital step of spell-checking everything, even if it’s a few words or a headline printed for public consumption could have far-reaching consequences. From your audience losing trust and developing a negative perception of your brand, to the error going viral on social media for all the wrong reasons,

A failed quality check can potentially lead to a long and expensive road to rebuilding your brand image. So take note, establish internal checks and NEVER skip the final QA.

Image courtesy: BBC News

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