Reaching Olympic standards in marketing and advertising

As of Thursday, March 24 2022, businesses will be able to register a domain simply ending in ‘.au’ – that’s right, without the .com!

You’ve watched the Olympics. Seen the untouchables, gold standard athletes master their craft. You know reaching personal bests requires decades of persistence, training and raw talent. What if the same Deliberate Practice Principles (DPP) were applied to marketing and advertising? 

Welcome to the podium of your business possibilities. 

Enter Ultimate Edge Communications. A ground-breaking, boutique marketing consultancy in Sydney Australia, that has applied DPP to marketing strategy, bringing home stellar results for SME business clients, such as yours. A team who also happens to be headed by a former National figure skating champion, Aleisha McCall. 

UEC’s systemised, measurable approach truly delivers and can be applied to lead generation and promotional marketing across any industry. A live example can be read here, in a recently published article by CIO Advisor Magazine.

In an overly saturated digital world, finding a competitive edge is everything (by everything I mean, traffic, followers, customer loyalty, conversion and of course, profits). The hard work has been done for you. The vertical value chain integration model, the innovative ‘personas’ approach intrinsic to new-age marketing success online, the UEC story branding framework, and the inherent raw data analysis which will cut valuable time spent sifting through sand to get to the gold. 

The hard work is done, and now it’s time for you to cash in. 

Knowing you want to adopt creative DPP style implementation into your next promo or targeted campaign is all you need, to move forward. Sharing your hopes and ambitions for the project with an innovative team like UEC will give you the wings to soar. Science, art, technology and the best marketing strategies will be fully integrated to outperform other campaigns and promotions you’ve tried. 

Clearly, you have a yearning to reach marketing milestones for your business. After all, you are educating yourself with worthwhile content on the matter, right? Clearly you want to stand on the podium kissing that medal of triumph (albeit with your entire team of employees around you). 

No regrets. Time to train with the masters of creative marketing.

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