Pitch Perfect

How to Pull off a Winning Pitch like Don Draper

What goes into making a kick-ass creative ad campaign that will stick in the audience’s mind and see your client’s sales skyrocket?

To convince your audience that you have the best solution to their problem: appeal to their emotions, be creative and visual, and most importantly – proactive even when the client remains dissatisfied.

Every memorable ad tells a good story and who better to learn from than Don Draper, TV’s most charismatic ad man? Don and his team pitch their creative ad campaign for the cosmetics company Belle Jolie’s lipsticks. His slogan, ‘Mark Your Man’ is immediately rejected as it doesn’t reflect what the client wanted. Instead of scrapping his idea, Don, with charm and persuasion sums up the insights behind his big idea: simplify choice and personalise. An insight that’s even more relevant for marketers today in a highly data-driven world.

Sit down and enjoy the video clip below, you’ll be sold too!

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to sell. You don’t have to be Don Draper to pull off a winning creative sales pitch. Giving your audience something they can both relate to and enjoy can ensure marketing success.

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