search trends 2018

The search trends that defined 2018

For marketers looking for insights on the people, events, and cultural moments that defined 2018, look no further. Google Search has just published their annual year in search review revealing the most popular search trends for 2018.

Interestingly, while the way people search for information has evolved in the last 20 years that Google Search has been around, their motivations and reasons remain unchanged. People turn to search for inspiration, information and to find answers to the How, What, Who, Why, Where and When behind things that matter to them.

In 2018, people around the world looked up Stan Lee and Keto recipes, followed news about the royal wedding and the World Cup, and were curious about the movie ‘Black Panther’. However, the most searched term for the year was all things ‘good’– from “how to be a good dancer” and “what makes a good role model” to “good things to watch.”, and that insight was the inspiration behind Google’s feel-good annual Year in Search film below:


Whether you’re in marketing, SEO or content, this snapshot of people’s search habits in 2018 can provide clues on consumer intent and behaviour. Customers expect instant gratification and reviewing these search trends can help marketers stay one step ahead in 2019, being able to identify what their target audience wants, and tailor their services to when, where and how they want it.

Search trends 2018

To look at the full list of 2018 search terms trending in Australia CLICK HERE

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