The ad everyone’s chatting about, does it again

Like eagerly waiting for the next episode of your favourite show, this spot for Chatbooks delivers yet again.

Like its predecessor, with a smart script and brilliant delivery, this video gives you a hilarious view of challenges real mums face and the creative way to simplify your life with Chatbooks.

From one mother to another – who better to tell you about a modestly priced way to capture your family’s everyday moments in photo books, that you don’t have to format, design and create yourself? As chaos unfolds around her at home, she makes it look too easy.

The ads have already established the target audience, everyday mums who are hard-pressed for time and share the same problems. The message is relevant and anyone watching can instantly relate.

The story now takes it a step further, going on to identify and target the hesitant Chatbookers, to convert them. From the ones who spend hours fine-tuning their photos to the procrastinators, they’re shown benefit after benefit to bust any excuses standing in their way.

It’s an honest yet humorous look at everyday life from the mum’s perspective, where everything seems perfect for a split second till chaos ensues. This ad gives you the full benefits, without coming across as a dry infomercial. Most of all, it’s memorable because it makes you laugh.

In case you missed watching the previous ad which became an internet sensation, we blogged about it early this year. Read our take on that viral Chatbooks ad.

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