The Invisible Forces that Motivates What We do

Tony Robbins is not a motivational coach, though you’ll certainly be motivated after watching his TEDTalk video below. He focuses on asking why do we do what we do? Why do we want to achieve what we want to achieve? What are our own motivators behind our actions? Robbins explores what makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives, and why.

It’s a fascinating topic and just goes to show that If you have the right focus, you can achieve just about anything. So how does this apply to you right now? Well, the quality of your life is a direct reflection of what you focus on, so if we choose a reason to focus on why we do what we do, we’ll be more likely to get excellent results.

Give yourself a healthy dose of inspiration with this Tony Robbins video, and explore the conscious decisions you make, as well as the reasons why you do what you do – you may be surprised how these fundamental things can change your life!

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