The most effective marketing channels to drive results

Driving the best results for your marketing spend comes down to selecting the right marketing channels. There are both print and digital marketing channels to choose from, which can prove overwhelming.

Instead of spreading your marketing efforts thin across every channel, it’s essential to focus on the right channels that will deliver the best results.

Read on to discover where you should direct your effort when it comes to digital marketing channels, for maximum impact. We review the six most effective marketing channels you should focus on:

Website and blogs
Having a fully functional mobile-first website is the minimum requirement for any business. In a CoSchedule survey, 48% of marketers said blog posts were their primary content format. Feeding prospects and leads with relevant, timely and authoritative information won’t just increase website traffic but also keep them coming back for more.

Search Engine Optimisation
According to SEO software provider Brightedge, a whopping 51% website traffic comes from SEO. Plus, 82% of marketers view their SEO efforts as being effective. For marketers, increasing website traffic remains a top KPI, right behind lead generation.

Email Marketing
The marketing landscape changes frequently, and email is no exception. What has held steady, however, is the reliability and effectiveness of email marketing. According to Campaign Monitor, email drives $38 in revenue for every dollar spent. That’s between 3,800 and 4,400% ROI, a figure that’s hard to ignore.

Organic Social Media
Staying on top of social media trends can be a challenge, with organic reach declining on platforms like Facebook. Social media, however, still offers tremendous brand value for content marketers who are smart enough to tap into its full potential.

Having a well-planned social media strategy in place can make a big difference. Concentrating efforts on only a few relevant networks will often produce better results than maintaining a presence on every platform.

YouTube videos
Did you know YouTube is considered the world’s second largest search engine? Providing a visual how-to solution is more popular and easier than having to read content on the same topic. According to Google, how-to searches on the platform have been increasing by 70%.

Can your business create value for your target audience by creating tutorials and visual content? Then YouTube is a channel to be considered.

While organic traffic is great for building an audience, paid advertising works well or even better for driving direct conversions. That’s because consumers making the conscious decision to click on ads are already in the right frame of mind to make a purchase. According to CleverClicks, PPC converts 50% more traffic than organic search. A complete search marketing strategy should, therefore, include both organic and paid tactics.


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