Psychology of Colour

The Psychology of Colour in Web Design

Designing a beautiful, easy to navigate website, that ticks all the boxes for usability and aesthetics is not enough to increase conversion rates. The influence of colour on the behaviour of website visitors cannot be overlooked, and that’s where the psychology of colour plays a crucial role.

Colour has the power to grab your customers’ attention and trigger the right emotions to generate sales. It’s not surprising that more and more web designers are using colour psychology fundamentals to maximise web design effectiveness.

A study done by Google confirmed that it takes users less than five seconds to make up their mind about your website and decide whether to stay on your site or leave. When you have less than 50 milliseconds to make a lasting good first impression on your users, it goes without saying, colour plays a significant role in persuading them to act.

Colour can be a tricky thing. You have to use it in the right way, at the right time, with the right audience, and for the right purpose. Does the colour palette you are using for your website please visually and psychologically? Check out this handy infographic from TechKing.

The Psychology of Color – Must See for Web Designers - Infographic

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