Jay Shetty True Measure of Success

The True Measure of Success

Award-winning host, storyteller and viral content creator, Jay Shetty’s viral wisdom videos have made him one of the most viewed people in the world. And for a good reason.

Moving on from life as a monk, he started redefining success for himself. Now as an influencer in the world of media, he shares his insights on productivity and how what he had learnt as a monk could be applied to the workplace.

How do you define achievement? Life doesn’t have to be pre-defined by others’ timelines and expectations of you. Everyone’s timing is different. Just like Ortega who launched Zara when he was 39 or Richard Branson who started Virgin when he was only 34, everything in life happens at its own pace, and every little thing you do is an achievement.

His advice is simple: create meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling lives and learn how to use that to make an impact and difference in the life of others, and that is true success.


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