Clinc set to change personal finance

This Startup Is Set to Change Personal Finance

These days, it feels like there are more and more startups springing up all around us with each passing day. If someone savvy identifies a market that has an unmet need, they put together a team, raise some capital and start a company.

It’s amazing to live in a time where starting a company is relatively simple. There are no gatekeepers in place to keep passion, enthusiasm and skill from flourishing, helping scores of people lead better lives.

But what makes a good startup? In a field increasingly crammed with competition, what makes a standout company? What does a startup have to do to excel beyond its competitors and succeed in the long term?


Money management startup “Clinc” is a great example of a startup that ticks all the boxes. Led by CEO Jason Mars, Clinc was created by a team of computer science professors from the University of Michigan.

Jason Mars says, “Clinc is a company we created with the mission of taking the best science and technology from academia, from our research lab, and creating real solutions for humans.”

Rather than go with a rule-based approach, Clinc utilises a deep learning algorithm. Users interact with Clinc by asking questions about their budget verbally. You can ask how much you can spend on dinner Saturday night, how much you spend on Uber per year, and more.

Clinc is a strong startup due to the following reasons:


If you have money, Clinc applies to you. If you’d like to manage your money better, Clinc applies to you. If you feel like you don’t know where all your money goes after pay day, Clinc applies to you.

Basically, Clinc is relevant to an enormous number of people. Sometimes, it’s beneficial to niche down in a crowded market for the sake of your positioning strategy. But Clinc’s positioning is all about the quality and freshness of what they do.

Merging new deep learning technology with personal finance management, Clinc are the first to bring a new approach to something that everybody understands: Money.


The longer you sub-optimally manage money, the more savings you miss out on. Loans don’t go away by themselves, and the more you’re able to save and invest for retirement and for emergencies, the better off you’ll be financially.

Clinc solves an urgent need. The sooner you use it, the better off you’ll be.


There are already ways to manage your personal finances. There are already apps and other resources that help you solve this issue.

But Clinc excels by doing it better. It’s cleaner, slicker and frankly more engaging.

Clinc and the future

But Clinc won’t proceed into the future without its share of challenges. Personal finance is an enormous niche, and there are sure to be a throng of competitors springing up in Clinc’s wake who’ll want to seize the market themselves. Some of these competitors might even be better funded and extremely well-resourced: Such is the nature of business.

To stay on top, Clinc will have to innovate constantly. They’ll have to move fast, update quickly, understand consumer needs thoroughly and satisfy those needs completely.

It’ll be interesting to watch how Clinc progresses in the coming months and years. There’s no telling if they’ll survive – But one thing’s for sure: They’re off to a tremendous start.


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