UEC Gets a Full, COVID-safe Italian Immersion at Formaggi Ocello – in Surry Hills

We’ve all been dying to travel overseas, but due to COVID, we can’t just yet. So instead, we headed out to Surry Hills at Formaggi Ocello who provided us with the next best thing: A fully immersive experience of Italy’s best Wine and Cheese.

We were magically transported from the majestic northern alps, through the rolling Tuscan countryside, down to the culinary extravaganzas that are Sicily and the Italian riviera. It was nothing short of a ‘pleasant explosion of the gustatory and olfactory senses’.

The immersive experience was heightened with the visit to Ocello’s authentic maturation room; recreated to reveal how the distinctively Italian culturalisation of cheese creates the iconic tastes and smells that are distinctly, Italiano.

As our senses were overwhelmed with stimuli, only great drops of red and white wine would assuage them, courtesy of Ocello’s expert sommelier. His delectable combinations were absolutely to die for.

Underlying this foodie’s delight is Italy’s legendary communal, family village spirit that is at the heart of Italy’s magnetism and charming warmth, and what brought to Ocello’s. We wanted our team to feel this, in contrast to, the social isolation and distancing we’ve all reluctantly and obediently had to endure during this interminable COVID crisis.

We were all left in awe of Italy’ culinary delights, recognising and appreciating their expansive depth and breadth that we all agree will require much more applied in-depth research with a definitive on-site visit as soon as the borders open up!

Here’s a shout out to our Italian friends: Per favore stai al sicuro e ci vediamo presto!

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