UEC wrestles big data for small businesses

At the end of 2020, Ultimate Edge Communications was proud to be named a Top 10 marketing technology company in the APAC region by CIO Advisor Magazine. The nomination highlighted the hard work our team put in to integrate the seemingly disparate worlds of artistic creative design and hard data analytics to produce market-leading campaign ROI results.

In a follow-up feature article just published, we explain how small businesses can get most of the benefits that used to be only for the big end of town.

Click here to learn what the top three exponential marketing strategies; management by metrics, reversing for results and pathways to profits are and how we can help you deploy them in your business.

These data-based, analytical approaches are essential when you want to make the most of your budget to generate new, highly qualified leads that convert to paying customers, strategically improve your brand awareness for each of your designated Personas and/or reduce the cost of acquisition of new clients.

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