Ultimate Edge celebrates the 2021 B&T Women In Media Awards virtually with over 1000 participants.

This afternoon the B&T 2021 Women In Media Awards were celebrated virtually. It was fantastic to bring everyone together and celebrate this special occasion, especially during lockdown.

As an entrepreneurial woman in media, surrounded by many other inspiring women, Aleisha was humbled to have been named a finalist for the 2021 Glass Ceiling Award.

The competition was filled with incredible women this year, as it was last year. It is awe-inspiring to see so many women who showcase leadership and innovation throughout their work.

“Congratulations to Nina Funnell, #LetHerSpeak from News.com.au for winning the Glass Ceiling Award. Your impact on our industry is inspiring. I am humbled to be alongside such accomplished ladies, making me proud to be a woman in media,” says McCall.

“A huge thank you to B&T Media and all the sponsors and volunteers who made this event possible, despite the current restrictions. Thank you for making a space for positive recognition in our industry.

To every single person who was nominated this year, well done! What an achievement, especially during the current climate. Thank you for continuing to inspire me and the women and men in our industry. Your strength and resilience have not gone unnoticed and it’s such a privilege to be alongside you in these awards and in our ever-evolving industry.

I hope to continue to be a leader and a role model to our future leaders in cutting-edge technology and results-based marketing,” says McCall.

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