Brydie Robinson

Ultimate Edge Communications Appoints Brydie Robinson To The New Role Of Senior Visual Designer

Sydney, September 23, 2019: Sydney-based media marketing consultancy Ultimate Edge Communications (UEC) has appointed Brydie Robinson to the role of Senior Visual Designer to support its creative team across all client campaigns.

Brydie launched her career as a Web Designer for Starlab in Brussels, Belgium. Her role was integral in building engaging webpages for scientific research including: Intelligent clothing, stem cell research, time travel, quantum computation, interactive art, AI, neuroscience, protein folding, nano-electronics, and wearable computing.

Before joining UEC, Brydie was Lead Designer for a Sydney-based agency working with key clientele like Nestlé, Sony, Qantas and Messina. Brydie brings robust experience and an experienced skill set to UEC, with formidable experience in photography, UX and web development; working with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Her unique experience enables her to interpret the technical language of developers and transform it into pragmatic client solutions that produce measurably better results.

“Brydie joins the team, bringing an impressive set of skills in visual design, with a strong background in coding and web development, highlighting our continued effort to integrate the four dimensions of our value proposition to market,” explains Ultimate Edge Communications founder and CEO, Aleisha McCall. “Her unique skill set and experience are perfectly suited to  cater for our existing clients who seek to evolve into larger and more complex campaigns and sales initiatives to maintain their upward momentum.”

Since its inception in 2014, UEC has provided ultimate results to a wide range of Australian and international brands, including Virgin Active, Paspaley, Under Armour, Mortgage House, Red Balloon, Jeans for Genes and more.

“We’re growing our team in anticipation of our clients’ future needs well in advance, so they can count on us to grow with them as they increase their sales and/or expand into new markets and/or attract new segments to their brands,” adds McCall.

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