Have you ever looked into a crowd and wondered…

… “He definitely looks like a whiskey instead of a wine drinker?” or “She looks like she loves to nail Dancing Queen at karaoke?”

Just me?

I don’t think so. It’s a little judgmental, I know, but we all do it to some degree.

A quick glance at someone, and you feel like you can probably guess some of their likes and dislikes.

Their occupation, perhaps?

Marital status, age?

Their favourite colour? (That might be a stretch.)

These first impressions, might appear as though they’re only based on their external appearance, but science says otherwise.

The truth is, they’re based on years of experience interacting with other human beings.

As much as you’re surprised by how often you’re right, you find it next to impossible to do the same for your business’ prospects and clients.

That’s where a Persona of the “type” of person that is currently buying or might consider buying your product comes in handy.

The difference is, Personas are  based on science and statistics that can be objectively tried and tested.

Imagine if instead of assuming someone was a dog person, you knew they were a dog person.

You’d have a much better idea of how to market to them, wouldn’t you?

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