Why Aussies Visit YouTube

Why Aussies Visit YouTube

YouTube seems to have Aussies of all ages hooked, with over 15 million Aussies spending more than 18 hours each on YouTube per month! So what are they watching all this time? We take a closer look at the latest findings of a new study.



Aussie millennials aged 21 to 35 years old:

58% head to YouTube to make up their own minds, listening to different viewpoints from real people, on current events.

79% want to connect with the world around them and engage with people and communities beyond their immediate surroundings.

73% use it as a tool for self-development, to learn a new skill, educate themselves and unlock their full personal and professional potential.

Aussie Gen Xers aged 36 to 54 years old:

An overwhelming 74% turn to YouTube to get things done themselves, watching ‘how to’ videos to empower themselves.

64% see YouTube as the platform to engage with their passions, follow their hobbies and learn new skills.

47% want to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and rediscover their childhood memories.

 Surprisingly, YouTube is an essential part of Aussie Parents’ lives too:

59% seek out YouTube for parental guidance and to learn parenting tips and tricks to help their kids learn, from other parents,

49% find ways to connect and bond with their kids over a wide range of content – from watching educational videos to the latest viral sensations.

67% see YouTube as an avenue for some invaluable “me” time, relaxing with videos about their hobbies and interests or just unwinding with music.

Now that you know the full potential of what your target demographic is watching on YouTube, how will you grab their attention? It may be time for marketers to reassess what your brand can do to reach these unique and sizeable digital-savvy audiences.

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