Who is your ideal consumer? UEC knows

Are you familiar with the first, painstaking phase of building a marketing campaign? That drawn-out process of brainstorming, researching and deciphering your target market? Time spent deliberating, analysing data, communicating with your digital marketing team. All that time spent with back-and -forth deliberations preparing to prepare the perfect campaign?

Time… lost. Resources overspent.

The innovative and creative communication experts at leading Sydney consultancy Ultimate Edge Communications (UEC)have unlocked the secret to automate this phase, with the implementation of their clever ‘personas’ approach. Taking into account the principles of vertical value chain integration (typically adopted by production and manufacturing industries) critical raw data analysis, even in small quantities, are used to leverage marketing and promotional opportunities.

It may sound complicated, but all the technicalities (and a a lot of hard work) have already been mastered by UEC and all you need to do is trust the scientific magic.

The nitty gritty is, that classification categories are at the core of this automated process and whether you are targeting consumers or businesses, this exponential marketing tool of client matchmaking genius will save you thousands per week. Gone will be the days of inefficient, marketing feedback and lost lead generation opportunities.

In a recently published article byCIO Advisor Magazine, the exciting possibilities of vertical value chain integration for online marketing is explored. From buyer demographics, to motivations, traits, spending habits and more, this data is captured and used in all its glory to give every dollar spent, the optimal chance at conversion. It’s just like love at first sight!

That golden emotional connection between the ideal buyer and your ‘must have’ product or service.

Want to apply the same time-saving and cost-saving benefits to your digital advertising strategy? Click here to read more. 

Launching a promo with confidence is the only way, according to UEC. With AI and soon, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to eliminate the ad hoc digital marketing hit-and-miss approach, UEC is a step ahead. Click here if you want to step up to better marketing and promotion results.   

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