Write Words That Sell And Move People To Change The World One Person, One Click At A Time.

If you’re an energetic, proactive, creative and customer-centric maestro looking for your next BIG GIG, then sit back, buckle up and please keep reading.

We’re looking for a results-focused, creative wordsmith with a strong track record of producing original, memorable and convincing copy for a wide range of audiences across different platforms and channels including social media.

If you are an extraordinary copywriter, then we can offer you an unbeatable career progression opportunity, a salary YOU can control with the autonomy and freedom to choose your own working hours to best suit your creative writing style and personality.

If you have childcare needs, are in the middle of or considering a course/degree or are competitive in a sport or hobby that takes a bit more time than most people, you’ll want to consider working with us.

You still need to do your billable work, but you can choose whether you want to work 15, 25 or the full 40 hours per week. And, within reason, you can also choose when to start work or clock off for the day. That’s right, you get to choose your work hours! Best of all, unlike so many other agencies, our working week rarely exceeds 40 hours.

But wait, it gets better… You won’t be micromanaged or pigeonholed as ‘just a copywriter’. You’ll be appreciated for the depth of your linguistic and communication skills that we know are priceless in the value proposition we provide our clients. You’ll be working with a self-organising team that manages projects cross-functionally across all 4 divisions: media, creative design, automation and intelligence a.k.a. data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Even though there will be content writing (e.g. blog posts, articles and information guides, whitepapers and reports, it’s your ability to write words that sell that will be your defining skill. With excellent English proficiency, you’re conscientious of and pay attention to detail. You obsess over grammar, avoid misspellings, abhor awkward sentence structure and hate muddled messages. You don’t need to be edited or have someone proof your copy.

You shine when given a brief or branding exercise that needs to come to life. To inspire action that enhances the customers’ journeys and their experiences.

This is an excellent opportunity if you’re an experienced copywriter looking to join a team that will give you more creative responsibilities than you’ve been used to.

You will have the autonomy you need to project-manage your own clients, tasks, deadlines and deliverables working with clients who appreciate and value your input.

You will have an opportunity to learn how your ads, promotions and campaigns to influence product engagement and customer buying decisions. So, you’ll learn from your mistakes and successes and keep improving your craft as a copywriter.

If you’re the person we’re looking for, you will be responsible for researching and developing inspiring, innovative and convincing campaigns that connect brands with people and achieve the business objectives of our clients with style and flair.

To thrive in this role, you will need to be able to work independently and as part of a team. Working in a collaborative creative environment you will provide strong, effective concepts and copy across all media platforms and channels in step with our clients’ requirements, needs, objectives, and budget.

You will participate in brainstorming sessions and work closely with marketing, communications, media, creative and brand planning stakeholders to ensure your copy jumps off the page.

You will also be required to edit and proofread material and participate in client presentations. You will no longer be stashed away in the old dusty corner slogging your guts out while someone else tiptoes away with all the credit.

Your copy will cover formats including brand ideation, scripts, social media, email campaigns, blogs, native, long-form and short-form, point of sale material, calls to action and more.

You must possess the language skills required to craft compelling headlines and openings, transitions and conclusions, make complex concepts simple and easy to understand, be able to empathise with your reader, and understand the user experience and customer journey.

While you’re a skilled copywriter, deep inside, you are a marketer. You know your primary job is not about putting pretty words on a page, it’s about increasing sales and profits for our clients.

As a stellar writer, it’s a given that you’re an excellent researcher. You must are able to zero in on what the key message is, without guessing and assuming.

To truly shine in this role, you need to have excellent time management, organisational and planning skills.

If you’re considering this role, here’s what we expect from you:

  • 3-5 years of copywriting in a marketing communications environment
  • Advertising/promotional agency experience is strongly preferred
  • Excellent English communication skills (both verbal and written)
  • Clear, concise and highly engaging writing skills
  • A thorough knowledge of Google Suite
  • Experience in Adobe Creative Suite (an advantage)
  • Experience in using CMS systems such as WordPress
  • Knowledge of the creative briefing process, working with graphic designers, and the revision process
  • Experience with social media and SEO copy is a given
  • Knowledge of writing for commercials and promotional campaigns is an added bonus
  • The ability to multitask and work cross-functionally on several diverse projects at once is something that won’t just come in handy, but make you a key contributor to client results
  • Being able to remain abreast of and informed about what is happening in our industry and our clients’ specific domains will further embolden your contribution to the team

Key Skills & Responsibilities

  • Meeting with key stakeholders to discuss brand strategy and customer objectives
  • Optimise advertising effectiveness and efficiency across client campaigns
  • Writing accurate error-free copy in accord with each client’s style guidelines and any relevant codes of advertising practice when required by regulation and legislation
  • Understanding the product or service, target audience and the competition
  • Liaising with graphic designers, photographers and other creatives
  • Interpreting account or project briefs
  • Updating and modifying campaigns consistent with feedback

As you can see, this is a hands-on role that gives you more creative responsibilities and opportunity to apply yourself and develop your peripheral skills, beyond copywriting.

You will have an opportunity to rub shoulders with other creatives so you can bounce ideas off each other to create award-winning campaigns across both digital and traditional media.

Excited, want to join the team?

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