Head Of Creative (Operations Manager)

Our Self-Organising Creative Team Needs Your Operational Leadership And Coordination Skills To Raise Its Game To The Next Level.

If you’re a decisive, flexible and highly motivated creative operations manager tired of trying to ‘herd cats’, look no further and please keep reading.

We’re looking for a results-focused, challenge-driven creative operations manager with excellent leadership and people skills to lead, guide and propel our highly functional, self-organising team to new levels of productivity.

You won’t have to push, prod or threaten to get things done – instead you will nudge, guide and mentor them as they seek to improve what they are doing on an on-going, interactive basis with each job they work on.

Our team of visual designers, copywriters, marketing automation specialists, social media experts and experienced media buyers are incredibly talented and hold themselves and each other to a high standard by taking ownership of their work with no tolerance for finger-pointing when problems arise.

Imagine no more office politics, backstabbing or interdepartmental conflicts!

That’s because we have a zero tolerance policy for immature behaviour and adhere to absolute social respect for each and every individual for the immense value he/she contributes.

As our ideal candidate, you’re expected to have this same level of drive and dedication. You’re ambitious and hungry for growth and development. While you can look back on your career with a sense of accomplishment, you’re still determined to keep pushing the boundaries to the next level.

You’re not a “credit hog” coveting all the glory. You know success doesn’t happen in isolation. You give credit where credit is due and realise that (T)ogether (E)veryone (A)chieves (M)ore! Teamwork is not just a buzzword, it’s your DNA.

You possess the ability to think outside the box, stretch yourself and create innovative ways to improve team performance. You’re an ethical manager. You’d never resort to disrespectful and manipulative tactics to control others, especially when they share valuable opinions different to your own that can help achieve better results. Being a results-focused and open-minded leader, you provide and welcome honest, constructive feedback.

You have enough humility to acknowledge you don’t have all the answers. And when your best efforts let you down, you can learn from your mistakes and seek help from your team. Through self-knowledge and inner strength, you turn failures into successes.

To thrive in this dynamic role with multiple and shifting priorities, you need to possess impeccable communication and interpersonal skills. You need to be able to communicate with your team members and external stakeholders to coordinate input, information to produce top quality project deliverables.

With your experience and acquired knowledge you have processes and methodologies that have worked for you and will introduce them into our systems to raise our productivity and efficiency.

You are a skilled delegator. As the ‘head chef  in the kitchen’ you need to assign relevant tasks to the appropriate person and supervise and monitor them accordingly to make sure the jobs all get done on time, on budget and “on edge” – while getting your own tasks and projects out the door!

Being the proactive and mature manager we seek, you will accept primary responsibility and accountability for the team’s efforts and results.

Your typical day will include producing campaigns, project reports, contractor and supplier proposals and price lists, forecasts and planning schedules.

If you’re considering this opportunity, here’s what we expect from you:

  • 3+ years of advertising or marketing experience as a Creative Director or 5+ years as a Marketing Manager executing campaigns across multiple industries and brands.
  • A proven track record of campaigns that have produced market-beating results.
  • An analytical mind to be able to quickly identify where improvements in campaign material can be optimised swiftly for better results.
  • An energetic leader that can, not only bring your own vision to life, but be willing to spend that bit extra of time and effort to share your knowledge to upskill team members so they can increase their own skills and abilities.
  • Clear communication skills, that show you can articulate feedback to your team eliminating confusion.
  • Creative solutions that can be executed efficiently and flawlessly in a fast-paced environment. While we don’t expect perfection, our clients demand consistent high-quality standards.
  • Presenting skills and confidence to be to hold your own in a room of C-level executives and directors.
  • Create, direct and review quotes to ensure our jobs are (1) profitable with (2) realistic timelines and (3) priced to ensure a high ROI value for our clients.
  • A deep understanding of sales funnels and technology, including mainstream CRMs, Marketing Automation, Google Analytics and Social Media Platforms.
  • An integrated creative mindset that extends beyond creative execution that includes digital media and marketing automation.
  • A thirst for knowledge to learn everything you can as quickly as possible to understand our clients’ businesses and their markets.
  • A network of contractors that you can rely on would be valuable, but is not essential.
  • An attentive predisposition to small (and important) details on final deployment of campaigns is a must.
  • Manage, forecast and deliver monthly budgets that are on budget.
  • You need to be competent using: Adobe Creative Cloud, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Sketch. Additional skills include: HTML/ CSS, CMS systems, Google Suite, Microsoft Office, UX/UI and CX.
  • A high energy personality that can inspire and motivate the team.
  • A proficient level of written and verbal communication skills (in English).
  • The ability to explain technical information and concepts to a non-technical audience.
  • Experience with A/B and multivariate testing.
  • Sound knowledge of campaign tracking, analysis and reporting

About Ultimate Edge Communications

Ultimate Edge Communications (UEC) was founded in Sydney in 2014, by Aleisha McCall, finalist of B&Ts “30 under 30 Entrepreneur” and a former junior international figure skating champion.

UEC is able to over-deliver on expectations by being the conductor to an orchestra of moving parts that create a symphony of results that resonate with highly targeted audiences across both B2B and B2C sectors.

The composition begins with expert media buying that requires establishing a key strategic proportion between traditional offline and digital media spending. Once the budget allocation is defined, it then proceeds to tactical deployment of funds across the selected channels to ensure target market optimisation to set the stage for everything that follows.

The second act is to create design elements specifically tailored to each of the channels to ensure optimal conversions while providing coherent maximum brand reinforcement. The collaboration and synchronisation of media and creative design is one of the reasons UEC out-performs its peers as well as internal marketing departments.

The third act builds on this momentum to integrate lead generation and client acquisition activities to feed into a cohesive customer journey that provides a higher conversion on their path to purchase. This is enabled with sophisticated automated workflows that create and enhance the customer experience, reducing attrition at or immediately following a purchase as well as substantially improving customer satisfaction during the consumption of the product or service. This inevitably reduces operational costs. Even though UEC is focused on media, sales and marketing, the systemisation of multiple customer journeys translates into organisational improvements that further create benefits with economies of scale. These improvements often provide the much-needed capacity to grow quickly without substantial additional and costly human resources.

The last act builds to a crescendo by embracing leading-edge technologies including: artificial intelligence, machine learning, heuristics, predictive modelling and data analytics to fully embrace the concept of deliberate practice principles that have created Olympic medallists and World Champions. This complex process involves creating a self-reinforcing feedback loop that automatically and systematically applies highly sophisticated mathematics and statistical techniques to optimise all the moving components, so we can manage, monitor and adjust each variable in harmony with the others to maximise profits at the minimum cost while sustaining the highest quality and brand integrity.

Excited, want to join the team?

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