Head of Media / Digital Media Buying Specialist

Manage All Your Campaigns On Your Own, With No More Micromanagement.

Ultimate Edge Communications (UEC) was founded in Sydney in 2014, by Aleisha McCall, finalist of B&Ts “30 under 30 Entrepreneur” and a former junior international figure skating champion.

UEC is able to over-deliver on expectations by being the conductor to an orchestra of moving parts that create a symphony of results that resonate with highly targeted audiences across both B2B and B2C sectors.

The composition begins with expert media buying that requires establishing a key strategic proportion between traditional offline and digital media spending. Once the budget allocation is defined, it then proceeds to tactical deployment of funds across the selected channels to ensure target market optimisation to set the stage for everything that follows.

The second act is to create design elements specifically tailored to each of the channels to ensure optimal conversions while providing coherent maximum brand reinforcement. The collaboration and synchronisation of media and creative design is one of the reasons UEC out-performs its peers as well as internal marketing departments.

The third act builds on this momentum to integrate lead generation and client acquisition activities to feed into a cohesive customer journey that provides a higher conversion on their path to purchase. This is enabled with sophisticated automated workflows that create and enhance the customer experience, reducing attrition at or immediately following a purchase as well as substantially improving customer satisfaction during the consumption of the product or service. This inevitably reduces operational costs. Even though UEC is focused on media, sales and marketing, the systemisation of multiple customer journeys translates into organisational improvements that further create benefits with economies of scale. These improvements often provide the much-needed capacity to grow quickly without substantial additional and costly human resources.

The last act builds to a crescendo by embracing leading-edge technologies including: artificial intelligence, machine learning, heuristics, predictive modelling and data analytics to fully embrace the concept of deliberate practice principles that have created Olympic medallists and World Champions. This complex process involves creating a self-reinforcing feedback loop that automatically and systematically applies highly sophisticated mathematics and statistical techniques to optimise all the moving components, so we can manage, monitor and adjust each variable in harmony with the others to maximise profits at the minimum cost while sustaining the highest quality and brand integrity.

The role(s):

We are looking to fill two roles: Head of Media and Digital Media Buying Specialist, depending on experience and skill set. Please read on to determine if one of these fits your next career move.

We’re looking for a driven, entrepreneurial and results-focused digital media buying specialist who is good with numbers, focused on client ROI, thrives working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and has an insatiable appetite for expanding his/her career into full campaign management and activations beyond the media buying function.

Please note, you need to have  digital media buying experience as noted below and it will be really helpful if you’ve previously worked in one of the following roles: sales, advertising, digital marketing, account management or consulting since you’ll be able to put those valuable business skills to use.

If you have five or more years of digital media buying experience you could HEAD our media division and lead it to the next level of performance as we continue to integrate it across all the divisions for a coherent service offering to our clients.

Since we don’t operate in silos, this role will be exciting if you’ve been bored just executing buy orders all day long with little to no interaction with anyone else.

This role will challenge you to think holistically across our 4 divisions to fully appreciate each component that creates value and amazing results are clients have come to expect and appreciate us for.

As a media buyer, you know the importance of forming amazing relationships with media publishers at all levels to drive real market-beating ROI results. Your “can-do” attitude embraces new ideas you know means being involved in the activations of the campaigns to fully control the deliverables to the client. That means working collaboratively with our Client Success Managers and the creative team on a daily basis. No more working on your own with no interaction, no control and no input.

This role is perfect if you’re frustrated by being micromanaged or left completely on your own to execute the same tasks all day long without the possibility of learning how campaigns are rolled out and how they influence the customer journey and sales conversions.

We want your input! Your contributions will be heard and considered within the overall strategic intent of the campaigns since our claim to fame is the seamless integration of all 4 of our divisions that out-perform our peers.

One important aspect of our success is the combination of traditional and digital media/advertising. If you are specialised in one, we’ll teach you the other. If you are proficient in both, you’ll leverage that into campaign design, analysis and deployment.

If you’re currently bored with repetitive tasks, office politics and bureaucracy and feel like you’ve been pigeonholed, come spread your wings with us. We have no office politics, hierarchical issues or sacred cows. We run a self-organising team that is highly productive, where the best ideas win. We play no favourites.

The more practical, original and profitable your contributions are, the more valued and respected you will become. Our success comes from our relentless focus on bottom-line results. Our clients are loyal to us because we deliver on every campaign and KEEP over-delivering on the (reasonable) promises we make to them.

If you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and put your skills to the test and be rewarded accordingly, please walk the walk and apply today.

We’re just entered a high growth phase and need new talent   

To thrive in this role, you need to be passionate and eager to learn. We’re growing quickly and that means you have the unique chance to really step in and make this role your own. To jump right in and expand it based on your level of drive and ambition. With a growth mindset you’re yearning to be respected and trusted to work independently and when required, collaborate with the team.

Your mission will be to track down and identify the most suitable and cost-effective channels and platforms to help our clients reach highly-segmented audiences across B2B and B2C sectors.

You need to be a great negotiator. We establish long-term relationships with all our suppliers and publishers, which means the outcomes need to be win-win-win. We win, the suppliers win and our clients win with the best possible combination, offer, package and/or placement(s) available in market.

You need to be data-driven and have an analytical streak, even be a geek or nerd when it comes to Doubleclick and other technologies. In the heat of the campaigns, you need to be able to crunch numbers quickly to optimise the various components to maximise conversions while simultaneously minimising costs.

To thrive in this role, you need to appreciate that clients seek media space for different reasons. Some clients look to drive brand engagement or product awareness, while some seek lead generation and others want more paying customers to buy. As our resident media buying specialist, you will create tailor-made solutions to fit each client’s goals, objectives, preferences and budgets.

You need to be driven to help clients achieve their objectives

To be successful, you must have an intimate understanding and have a high-level of proficiency using the DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM) platform, used to create, manage and grow data-driven marketing campaigns across a wide range of web platforms. You must be able to integrate both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to track, monitor and manage the customer journeys/experiences from end-to-end.

You must be continually evolving to stay abreast of industry trends because media buying is a fast-changing space. What worked six months ago might not work today. That’s why you have to keep reading, networking, refining and updating your skills to stay ahead of emerging distribution channel and technological trends.

If you’re considering this opportunity, here’s what we expect from you:

  • A solid understanding of the digital media landscape and the ability to select the best media channels to suit each client’s objectives including all digital media strategy, planning, buying and activation for clients
  • Proficiency in DoubleClick suite, Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Facebook
  • Responding to briefs and in some cases reverse briefing to prepare a strategy recommendation to achieve client outcomes
  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses of various traditional and digital platforms relating to the client brief and objectives
  • Ability to analyse and interpret what the data from advertising campaigns is revealing to help inform decisions for future campaigns
  • Experience working with media budgets of $1-5 million with a steadfast focus on ROI
  • Ability to manage budgets across multiple publishers at one time and optimise towards the best performers dynamically, in real time
  • Executive A/B testing of campaigns and creative elements
  • Setup all the tracking links for on-going metrics analysis and seamless end-of-month reporting
  • Monthly, and in some cases, weekly reporting for clients
  • Monthly reconciliation of media publisher invoices for client invoicing and reporting
  • Reporting and campaign management, using our systems (Workflow Max, Xero and Salesforce)
  • Strategic and tactical justification for your media spend recommendations
  • Ability to interpret raw data to deliver successful communication campaigns, it would be great, but not necessary to have knowledge of the Tableau data visualisation tool
  • Help our clients achieve a single view of their customers’ journey from the first impression right through to conversion and repeat purchases.

Excited, want to join the team?

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