Digital Marketing Automation Manager (Marketo)

Design And Deploy Automated Customer Journey Workflows That Drive Deeper Engagement, Optimise Pathways To Purchase For Greater Campaign ROI and Genuine Customer Satisfaction.

If you’re an analytical, creative, and proactive Marketing Automation Specialist who has experience with Marketo looking for your next BIG OPPORTUNITY with room for growth, then please keep reading.

We’re looking for an ambitious, driven, enthusiastic, business-savvy, data-driven and results-focused digital marketing automation professional to manage our day-to-day operations, configuration and optimisation of the Marketo automation software platform.

Specifically, if you have the skills, we will give you the keys to our fully-equipped Marketo engine for you to design and deploy marketing automation campaigns, nurture streams and workflows.

We’re looking for technical hotshot who’s able to use the all-powerful Marketo platform to design the actionable steps that initiate customer engagement through the full end-to-end customer journeys.. Specifically, we want to talk to you if you can WALK the Marketo talk.

It’s preferable that you’re a certified Marketing Expert, but NOT necessary. We understand that many people work behind the scenes and end up knowing more than the certification reflects, so just show us what you can do and we’re good to go!

In a nutshell, you will plan and execute marketing campaigns, analyse performance, identify trends and patterns, diagnose issues, collaborate closely with our creative team and drive continuous improvements to achieve high ROI for client campaigns leveraging our 4 divisions.

As the ideal candidate, you want to push the boundaries and keep evolving your marketing skills and automation expertise. You’re hungry for growth and improvement. You take daily calculated steps to produce stunning long-term results.

While you’re hungry for improvement, you value relationships and practice excellent and ethical digital and business etiquette. You would never spam a social media platform, a forum discussion or someone’s inbox to attain a short-term result.

Instead, you think long-term in everything you do. You focus on building genuine relationships by engaging audiences with relevant and value-based content that enriches their buying experience. You base your decisions on hard facts, relevant data and precise no-guesswork marketing matrices.

Your excellent interpersonal skills are paramount in this role, which is 10% face-to-face communication, 60% technical, and 30% strategic. In this role, you’ll meet clients and collaborate with other stakeholders to bring campaigns to reality.

You need to like to work autonomously to take care of all the behind-the-scenes tasks such as customising, testing, updating, reporting on and optimising marketing campaigns while deploying and fine tuning best practice standards.

You will run A/B tests, analyse issues and opportunities with end-to-end tracking, identifying modes of interaction and decision-making to enhance engagement with prospects and clients.

As a marketing-savvy data specialist, you know how to create intuitive and persuasive workfloes that minimise friction and create brand awareness. You understand that suspects, prospects and customers need confidence to buy. They like to engage with information from different angles depending on whether they know exactly or approximately what they are looking for, or appear to have “no intention” to act.

Using your intimate knowledge of marketing, you know exactly what groups of people need and when and what groups of people are not within a target audience. You pick your targets wisely and don’t shout at people who aren’t listening.

While Marketo expertise is highly preferred, if you’re a marketer with a multi-faceted skillset and come from a variety of marketing-related or business backgrounds, we’re open to considering your case as long as you can present it convincingly.

To thrive in this role, you must be passionate about technology and data in marketing, capable of speaking the language of business and strategic deliverables with the ability to analyse and report on results clearly and effectively.

If you’re considering this opportunity, here’s what we expect from you: 

  • 2+ years of experience in a marketing automation role (ideally, Marketo experience) or as a minimum, enterprise-scale email marketing solutions experience
  • 5+ years in either a consulting (agency or client-side) or in-house marketing role
  • Transferable skills, knowledge and interests in complementary areas such as CRM ( is preferred_, social media, data analysis and website management
  • High level of written and oral communication skills (these will be tested before employment)
  • Ability to translate highly technical concepts into layman’s terms for business managers and non-technical stakeholders
  • Ability to perform in a fast-paced, innovative and dynamic team environment against competing deadlines and shifting priorities
  • Ability to collect, collate, manage and interpret data
  • Experience with creating marketing budgets that get results
  • Knowledge of data visualisation tools like Tableau or Data Studio would be quite helpful, but is not absolutely necessary.

Key Skills & Responsibilities

  • Drive the technical implementation of campaign delivery in Marketo with direct responsibility for the management and administration of marketing automation
  • Work as the PRIMARY campaign builder and best practice methodology practitioner
  • Work closely with the creative and media teams within our agency to design and deliver marketing automation campaigns for clients on time and budget
  • Track and measure results against KPIs and establish insights and suggested improvements
  • Work with clients to create specific suspect, prospect and customer personas that reflect the characteristics of your ideal target audiences, AND develop persuasion scenarios that engage and meet the needs of those audiences, integrating a multi-channel approach
  • Create science-based marketing matrices to test, measure and optimise your results to maximise the performance of our Pay-Per-Lead (PPL), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) campaigns
  • Determine clients’ technical requirements, ensuring effective data collection and maintenance processes are put in place and enforced
  • Ensure clients are aware of best practice in email marketing, including privacy and subscription management with a focus on enforcement of procedures to ensure legal compliance and clarity and quality services

We’re not just looking for a manager to automate our digital communication processes; we’re looking for a driven and energetic marketing-savvy data specialist ready to set a new standard in digital marketing automation with an eye to expanding into “Marketing Intelligence” – where data meets Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Modelling, Heuristics and Advanced Machine Learning.

This is your next best step in developing your business and technical acumen for the next 2-3 years. If you’re excited, apply today.

Excited, want to join the team?

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