Senior Visual Designer

Use both sides of your brain for your next step in your career: Creating UX-driven visual designs that generate business results you present to clients!

If you’re an ambitious, innovative and experienced visual designer looking for your NEXT step up your career ladder that will fun, stimulating and satisfying, then please keep reading.

We’re looking for a driven, artistic and friendly senior visual designer with intimate know-how of the psychology of visual communication to create UX/UI designs that improve the user experience will achieving the client’s business objectives and ROI.

There are countless visual designer jobs out there; this one is slightly different. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for you to unleash your unlimited artistic skills and potential to leverage your beautiful designs that move people to action. After all is said and done, commercial design is about UX/UI that gets people to click, buy, do something, not just revel in the “art” without action.

While most visual designers are predominately “right-brained” meaning they are intuitive, innovative and creative, you’re not restricted by this stereotype. You combine your right-brain creativity skills with your left-brain logical skills, your business acumen that move people to action. In fact, you crave the opportunity to showcase your skills to clients first-hand.

In a nutshell, you create original and innovative UX-savvy designs that achieve business goals. You’re not looking for a pat on the back, instead, as an ambitious visual designer, you want to reinvent yourself and push yourself to new levels of performance. You need a platform to do this and our backing to provide you with the systems and frameworks to ascend to this new ‘leadership’ level.

In your design work, you’re accustomed to taking brave and fearless actions because you are confident in your abilities founded on sound principles. Whenever you do challenge the status quo or think outside the box to create elegant, engaging and mindset-shifting solutions, its because you’re testing or exploring something specific with the expectation that it’s goin to work and make a measurable difference. That’s what drives you – the hunt for that magical twist.

Your technical skills, talents and professional accomplishments complement your people skills because you’re a down-to-earth person radiating humility, grace and humanity – you’re unassuming and respectful while still ferociously driven and motivated.

You don’t waste time making excuses or blaming others when things go south. You realise that life is 5% what happens to you and 95% how you react to it. Your positive attitude is one of your biggest assets. You pour your heart, mind and soul into everything you do, expecting the best, but knowing that every once in a while, sh_t happens.

You don’t want to be micromanaged. You want to be treated like the mature adult you are. You want to be given the responsibility and authority to manage your projects with full transparency and accountability.

You know you have what it takes to interact with C-level business executives and bounce ideas off top-performing external stakeholders and internal team members, but need to be introduced to it and supported to learn those skills.

You’re conscientious and reliable, use in-house resources efficiently and effectively and are able to work independently and as part of a diverse, self-organising team.

Imagine loving Monday mornings

Imagine loving Monday mornings, not because of the smell of freshly brewed coffee but because you get to apply your skills and talents to push the boundaries, create massive value and be acknowledged for your hard work, effort and ingenuity.

In our world, there are no limits or constraints . You can apply your skills across both traditional and digital media and for B2B and B2C clients and products. Think hand-held brochures to street-side billboards, Facebook ads to full-size bus wraps, social media content to full-page print magazine ads.

Being the market-wise and tech-savvy professional you are, you know it’s the fusion of multiple media channels appropriately executed that creates the best (market-beating) campaign ROI.

You also recognise that less is more and sometimes more is more. There are no “hard and fast” rules that work across all situations. That’s why you never get over-confident, lazy or complacent. You are always searching for new ways to achieve goals and objectives. Never-ending improvement is your calling card, in fact it’s how you get your buzz. That electrifying feeling when you discover a new way to get things done.

This role presents a perfect opportunity for you to stretch your wings learn new skills to transition in a handful of new directions. It could be a transition to becoming a creative director, where you would be involved in campaign message creation and ideation. It could be as technical/art director leading a team of designers to develop their craft to your level of mastery as you focus on new techniques, technologies and approaches. Or it could be a customer-facing role with more customer success management responsibilities that put you at the coal face of business decisions; budgeting, forecasting, planning, reporting and operational integration on the client-side.

If you’re considering this opportunity, here’s what we expect from you:

  • 5+ years of agency or marketing department experience as a Digital/ Visual Designer, Graphic Designer or Art Director.
  • Extraordinary conceptual skills and the ability to execute briefs and ideas flawlessly while paying attention to layout, design and typography.
  • Proven ability to solve problems visually in close collaboration with cross-functional teams working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Expert knowledge of production, graphic design, typography and creative visual processes in both print and digital .
  • Excellent attention to detail and mastery of time delivery – we deliver our projects on budget, on time and on Edge.
  • A diverse and robust portfolio representing many industries and brands.
  • An ability to transform business revenue goals into clear, engaging and results-focused creative solutions that stand out.
  • A positive “can-do” attitude.
  • A high level of competence in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Sketch.
  • Additional skills include: HTML/ CSS, CMS systems, Google Suite, UX/UI and CX.
  • Mastery of spoken and written English is a must. We will test for proficiency.

Key Skills & Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the Head of Creative Activations and Creative Director.
  • Be responsible for producing the best-in-class creative work that displays your integrated design skills across multiple media, including digital platforms, traditional marketing, branding and product design.
  • Work in a highly collaborative space with an experienced team of copywriters, developers, designers and media strategists.
  • Must possess strong digital design production and design thinking to allow you to solve the client’s business problems at a visual level that then transcends into practical campaigns.
  • Mastery of Adobe Creative Cloud and Sketch.
  • You must be highly conceptual, still have an eye for detail, be a pro-active thinker and have excellent project management skills.
  • Having an intimate understanding of the psychology of design, how consumers think and make decisions, what images or colour motivates them to act or engage with a brand on a deeper level, is a must – we can’t be teaching you basic design principles.

Excited, want to join the team?

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