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Announcing the ultimate $50,000 per employee benefit program!

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Yes, you read the headline correctly.

This is a game-changer because we live, eat and breathe our USP.

We’re relentless trailblazers on the leading edge, delivering fully integrated data-driven media, creative design and marketing automation & intelligence by intimately collaborating with high growth brands seeking long-lasting market-beating results from an infectiously passionate team.

We have to change the game to continue to blaze the trail and pioneer how we think the industry should be run. We are actively re-writing the rules of engagement and it all starts with the Ultimate team – pun intended.

We want to be the ultimate company employees want to work for so we become the ultimate company clients want to work with.

We know that to attract and keep the best people, we don’t just have to have an irresistible offer, but one that also makes commercial sense. Ping pong tables, slides and bean bags, as fun as they may be, don’t (in our opinion) contribute to the deliverables our clients pay us to produce.

We researched the most respected thought leaders and analysed their expert commentary on the subject. We also read and analysed the leading studies and reports on staff productivity, engagement and attrition. We talked to and asked employees what they wanted and most importantly – why.

What you see on this page is what we came up with and we think it’s irresistible – for the type of person we want working with us.

It all started with flex time

We reverse-engineered our production system that couldn’t provide the level of accountability, transparency and monitoring required to allow people to work remotely from home. That was a formidable technological innovation that took 3 months to design and an additional 3 months to deploy and refine with the team’s invaluable input.

Now, we have a fully functional self-organising team with full-time employees producing 35 hours of billable work per week with an additional 5 hours of non-billable paid hours. We also have part-time employees who have home-based child rearing or aged care responsibilities. We are also training a group of highly specialised contractors who work the hours they want, when they want, where they want – spread around the globe, giving us a 24/7 production capability for certain jobs/tasks.

Then it led to a 4-day workweek

Full time staff are expected to be in the office Monday to Thursday, between 10 AM and 4 PM when they are not with a client. Fridays are optional – they can work from home or come into the office.

Employees love the option of coming in early and leaving early, coming in late and leaving late to avoid peak hour commuting or coming in early and leaving late for a few days to give them a head start to their weekend, a few hours early.

We have parents with young children, older staff with ageing family members who need additional care and others who have decided to go back to school to earn a degree, acquire a certification or just learn a new hobby or undertake a passion project that is important to them.

All of this is only possible with our proprietary customised job management system that tracks and monitors everything by individual staff, job, task, client and campaign. With full transparency and 100% accountability, we are able to assess each person’s performance and reward them individually and as a team. We are also able to monitor productivity and profitability across clients as well as use the data to guide us to greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Since we only work on a fixed per-project basis with all our clients, this translates to a lower cost with much better results for higher ROI on campaigns and lower marketing expenditure than our peers. This is only a defensible competitive advantage if we can (1) scale it and (2) maintain or improve it over time and with a larger team.

That’s why we went beyond the benefits of flex time

To work in a real flextime environment, you have to be self-driven, energetic but not necessarily and extrovert, optimistic and career-centric. We’re not going to accept you hiding or not contributing everything you have to offer to the team and our clients.

A lot of people pay lip service to the acronym

But we live, eat and breathe it. It is what makes us who we are. Our CEO is a former synchronised ice skating champion who embodies the ideals of coordinated team effort at the very highest levels of performance, elegance and efficiency.

Our clients have come to expect market-beating results from us and we’re happy to oblige with award-winning, amazing campaign ROI that has become our signature calling card.

Being career-centric does not mean we’re looking for workaholics, in fact if you’re a workaholic, you won’t fit in here. Our CEO is not the only parent with a young family of toddlers, some team members are part-time students, a few are elite, high-performance athletes. All have lives and activities outside of work.

In fact, we encourage non-work activities with FREE memberships, the first we’ve offered is an unlimited membership with Australia’s leading squash Academy based in Sydney, the East Coast Squash Academy. UEC staff can attend as many small group classes as they want, conveniently located in several Sydney squash clubs including the CBD Squash Club in the city and at The Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Centre (SUSAC). Other gym, yoga, Pilates and other wellness-based memberships will be added once we find willing partners to work with us in a collaborative way to add value to our team.

The foundational component of the employee benefits program is the Ultimate Professional Protégé Program customised to provide staff with all the mentoring, coaching and educational resources to thrive in their careers, maintain and elevate their craft to its full potential.

Workshops, seminar, activities, events, courses, webinars and exercises have been hand-picked from a select group of providers including:

General assembly – for creative design and marketing education

Sydney University – for continuing education courses in analytics, data visualisation and other technological aspects.

WEA – for personal development courses that are on fringe of the traditional academic system

This is the type of person we’re looking for to join the Ultimate team:

  • You have a growth mindset. You believe you can develop your personal and professional qualities and attributes through work and effort because you career is important to you as is the development of your craft.
  • You are eager to learn new things. You love feedback, are not threatened by others’ successes, have the courage to step outside your comfort zone to try new experiences and you persist when faced with obstacles.
  • You are coachable. You take feedback as an invaluable source of personal and professional improvement without becoming defensive. You understand and embrace that as a protégé, your mentors/coaches are showing you the way forward, without cutting corners so you can achieve your results faster and with less effort.
  • You are knowledgeable and have a lot to offer. You have taken the time to develop your technical craft and expand your understanding of what you do and want to contribute value to the team and our clients. You are a giver, not a taker, nor are you a martyr.
  • You want work-life balance. But you know it’s not about going home at 5:00 when a client needs something important. It’s about the give-and-take trade-offs to fit as much of your life into your career and vice-versa. It’s about having a full life, firing on all cylinders because a life is to be lived without regrets and without compromise.
  • You are a team player. You want to contribute your talent, knowledge and experience to the team to achieve project and client deliverables. You’re not afraid to ‘take one for the team’ nor are you hesitant to run up the field and score a few goals on your own when the situation requires it.
  • Your results-oriented and performance-driven. You yearn, even crave to be held accountable for performance and be rewarded accordingly.
  • You want to work autonomously and still be part of a team. Since we work in a self-organising team environment, you end up with the best of both worlds, without the disadvantages of either.
  • You are genuine, honest and trustworthy. Your word is your bond. You can be entrusted with project deliverables and other responsibilities you share with the team. You honour your promises and do what you say you will do. You’re loyal and respect others and their time.
  • You’re flexible. You can efficiently and effectively cross-over to other functional areas or roles to learn new skills and advance your career because you know that there are countless new things to learn and the more flexible you are, the more you can learn.
  • You’re mature. You want to be treated and respected as an adult with minimal supervision, with full accountability and transparency. You’ve had enough of being micromanaged and yearn for the mutual respect mature professionals can have for each other when they act accordingly and have each other’s backs. One for all and all for one isn’t a catchphrase for you, it’s who you are, what you do. It’s your personal ethos.
  • You want to be involved with something bigger than yourself. We are not just redefining how the industry works, we’re setting a new standard for how work life should be managed. Holistically, strategically, collaboratively, integratively with the other dimensions of life to focus on mastery at the core, fundamental level. We will be taking this beyond even our team by selecting socially conscious projects that support and embrace sustainability, encourage and embolden the disenfranchised and/or protect our planet. Maybe you have a passion project you’ve been wanting to get involved with… talk to us about it!

Not quite ready to make the move? 
There’s no rush, we’ll wait!

We are continuously on the lookout for great talent with personality and commitment to our ideals and vision. Have a look at the list of positions to put your hat in the ring. Whether you’re looking to make an immediate move or are considering a life-changing shift well in advance of pulling the trigger sometime in the future, still contact us now to let us know where you’re up to and where you aspire to be.

For some, life-changing decisions sometimes take time to ponder and assess. For others, once the decision is made, they want to get after it ASAP. Either way, contact us. All submissions will be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

As people grow, evolve and discover their true selves, that realisation often means another path needs to be taken on the journey to the ultimate destiny. We assist team members to make that transition smoothly, transparently. Over several weeks and sometimes months, even years.

We even help people leave to take on other challenges!

When the time comes to leave UEC, we help team members with resumé preparation, learning interviewing skills and job search tips and strategies to cut through the clutter of applications to be the one chosen for the NEXT role they want. This is a revolutionary approach to human resource management. It has proven mutually beneficially with staff leaving with a lot less stress, disappointment and faster career growth. With this level of respect and trust, we can plan weeks or months in advance of a departure for a win-win outcome!

But what’s it really like to work here?

As a consultancy with a growing range of clients in a variety of industries and different sizes and levels of ambition and ability, it’s stimulating and challenging to problem solve and come up with creative ideas that work to produce real bottom-line results.

Since we don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all template approach, each client, each campaign or project is an opportunity to flex our innovative muscles to grow our skills and abilities as a team. We’re results-driven and performance-focused, but without the typical ‘agency culture’ of stress and unreasonable delivery deadlines.

We plan all our campaigns and promotions well ahead of time not just to reduce our stress to deliver on time and on budget, but more importantly to have a head start on placement, bonuses, add-ons and other incentives from our long-standing and trusted publishers and advertising partners. It’s a win-win-win philosophy that serves everyone well. We aren’t always under the pump, our publishers make the most of their inventory and our clients get the maximum value for money.

But all this comes at a cost. A cost of preparing well in advance and having a talented team who can plan, undertake the all-important ideation of the conceptual elements of campaigns in a timely manner with the experience, understanding and appreciation for all the moving pieces of a campaign. This is especially the case when traditional media is combined with digital marketing strategies and where we outshine our peers.

Our origins are in traditional media so we know its value contribution to overall campaign results. We’ve proven time and time again that the combination of both, once a certain campaign budget level is reached will almost always out-perform a unidimensional approach.

At UEC, you won’t feel like you’re just another number, a cog in a big wheel with no opinion or insights to provide. You won’t be relegated to a cubicle expected to be a drone, doing the same monotonous tasks day-in, day-out. You’ll be actively participating in discussions and managing your own projects as part of a self-organising team contributing your technical expertise, industry knowledge with the flair and style of your individual personality.

As you become exposed to external stakeholders, clients, suppliers and publishers, you’ll appreciate our inclusive methodology to bring out the best in everyone we work with, with a singular vision to create value for everyone involved. That will inspire you to do your best and be your best.

Even though we are a high performance culture, we always respect the dignity of all our staff to ensure their wellbeing and provide them with an environment to flourish and develop themselves both professionally and personally. We adhere to deliberate practice principles that have created countless Olympic and World champions, but it is not a zero sum culture of winner takes all, rather it is founded on core principles of dedication, commitment and disciple to ideals and values that include:

Honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability, responsibility, perseverance, grit, loyalty and achievement.

To achieve market-beating results, we have to work with the most up-to-date technology and best practice business methodologies usually only available in much bigger organisations. These include: Agile, lean Kanban, Scrum, Miller-Heiman sales methodology, predictive modelling and heuristics, multi-variate statistical analysis, scenario analysis enabled by pivot tables and advanced data analytics.

We do all of this with a laser-focus on the bottom line to ensure we remain a profitable business to ensure our staff are the best paid in the industry as their  reward for the consistent and high quality of the market-beating results they produce.

A bigger cause

In our early days, we were involved in a few charitable causes that fuelled our human spirit and allowed us to give back to less fortunate people. We will be taking this initiative beyond our team by selecting socially conscious projects that support and embrace sustainability, encourage and embolden the disenfranchised and/or protect our planet. These will be passion projects our team will select because they want to contribute to make a difference beyond themselves.

The Ultimate Benefits!

Current roles available


Senior Visual Designer

Use both sides of your brain for your next step in your career: Creating UX-driven visual designs that generate business results you present to clients!

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Client Success Manager

Stretch yourself with client-facing responsibilities delivering data-driven, results-focused campaigns leveraging both traditional and digital media.

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Write Words That Sell And Move People To Change The World One Person, One Click At A Time.

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Marketing Automation

Digital Marketing Automation Manager (Marketo)

Design And Deploy Automated Customer Journey Workflows That Drive Deeper Engagement, Optimise Pathways To Purchase For Greater Campaign ROI and Genuine Customer Satisfaction.

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Marketing Automation

Digital Marketing Operations Manager

Tired Of Herding Cats? Join A Highly Functional, Self-Organising Team That Just Needs You To Guide And Nudge Them To Further Excellence.

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Financial Controller

Leverage Your Accounting Skills To Be Involved In The Company’s Long-Term Strategic Planning And Day-To-Day Operational Decision-Making.

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Head of Media / Digital Media Buying Specialist

Manage All Your Campaigns On Your Own, With No More Micromanagement.

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Office manager

Taking care of everybody and everything in the office is just your starting point in this pivotal support role.

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Sales – Account Manager

Finally… You Can Earn As Much As You’re Worth With No Upside Limits And No More Moving Goalposts!

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Our culture

We have a collaborative, self-organising team culture that is dynamic and stimulating. It’s founded on the core principle of mutual respect for people, treating each other like adults with 100% transparency and full accountability to run projects within a flex time schedule that rewards performance and innovative contributions. With a laser focus on client outcomes we are “all-in” to create market-beating results without working long stressful hours because we plan ahead and manage accounts proactively.

Our hiring process

We are always looking for the best the industry has to offer. Our multi-step process is designed so people can self-select into or out of the process if they are not willing to invest themselves in the process that can take between 1 and up to 5 hours of research, preparation, testing and interviewing, depending on the candidate and the role. One thing we want to get right is hiring the right ‘type’ of people to join the Ultimate Team. Our game-changing $50,000 Ultimate Employee Benefits Program is testimony to the investment we are making in people who are worthy and eager to raise their game and accelerate their career progression. Admittedly, this is not for everyone and we know that. We just want those who yearn for, even crave the chance to step up on to the next rung of their careers and have fun doing it by playing full-on.