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David Jones’ multi-million dollar investment to lure customers back into stores

Part of a $2million renovation of David Jones’ flagship store in the Sydney CBD will feature an entire floor dedicated to a new children’s world, in partnership with Disney (AU and NZ). They have also invested in high-end fashion labels like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, in an attempt to push David Jones as the go-to place for high-end shopping.

In a bid to lure a new generation of parents and children into the department store, David Jones is focussing on gaining a new set of loyal customers to push sales.

Do all stores need to up their game to compete in our ever-increasing digital world? David Jones certainly think so with their multi-million dollar investment, where their flagship store will no longer be just a shop, but an immersive, entertaining experience for all ages.

A new home to Winnie the Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood, a Marvel-inspired New York cityscape storytelling section and a Star Wars world will encompass learning, exploring, and of course, shopping. There will even be a dedicated events space where they can launch new products.

David Jones CEO explains that the new “experience” is to capture a younger demographic, where younger families already enjoy the David Jones Christmas displays, but don’t necessarily shop at the store – yet. Source: News.com.au

Experiences vs traditional retail

Experiences are a big trend, with many wanting to spend their earnings on travel, experience and entertainment, rather than physical possessions. If a store can offer a fantastic experience as well as offering products from multiple brands and in various departments, this might entice a larger market.

It’s said that online shopping counts for 5% of all retail spend in Australia, however, this figure is growing 30% year on year – Amazon launched into the Australian eCommerce market last year which will change the way Australians shop without a doubt.

With more pressure than ever to retain and attract more in-store customers, stores across Australia are having to come up with new ways to make shopping in-store an enjoyable experience.  

David Jones’ innovative idea to grow in-store traffic may well work – not only will kids who hear about it beg their parents to go, but parents won’t have the dreaded shopping trip with children if they get to indulge in this magical world built into David Jones’ top floor. It will certainly be interesting to see if other stores follow suit and create their own added bonus to their customers’ shopping trips.

David Jones store

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