We’re relentless trailblazers, delivering fully-integrated data-driven media, creative design and marketing automation & intelligence.

Our Approach

We’re relentless trailblazers on the leading edge, delivering fully-integrated data-driven media, creative design and marketing automation & intelligence by intimately collaborating with high growth brands seeking long-lasting, market-beating results from an infectiously passionate team.

At Ultimate Edge, we do more than just deliver data-driven media, creative design and marketing automation & intelligence that is on target, on budget and on edge. We fully immerse ourselves in our client’s businesses and goals, moving beyond typical client relationships and into true partnerships.

Our expertise, knowledge and data-driven insights provide credence to consult on the most optimal paths to our clients’ success. Our skills, determination and relentlessness to achieve allow us to dive head first into ideation, concepts and strategy to provide an end-to-end service. Through co-ordinated divisions, we synchronise our final output to achieve maximum impact, using a closed feedback loop to continually improve, adjust and optimise each task, job and campaign.




Through strong relationships with publishers established over the last decade and pre-dating the foundation of Ultimate Edge as a company, CEO Aleisha McCall, has dominated the media space for many years.

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Supporting media initiatives is our creative team, providing end-to-end solutions, from the initial ideation and concepting to executing carefully composed and data-driven creative deliverables across print and web.

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Using Marketo, a powerful marketing automation platform, we deliver a full end-to-end service from ideation and customer workflows to creative assets and production deployment, as well as reporting and on-going optimisations.

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When we join forces with a business and gain a comprehensive understanding of their requirements, we can confidently consult, advise and propose solutions based on data-driven research and experience.

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The mathematical and statistical optimisation of metrics generates accurate and efficient problem solving and is the reasoning behind everything we do at Ultimate Edge.

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Find, engage and keep more customers with personas. Personas give you the clarity and confidence to develop impactful products and services for pre-identified, eager buyers.

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