Does-the-New Google-Marketing-Platform-Mean-for-Your-Business

What Does the New Google Marketing Platform Mean for Your Business

Google recently announced that DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 will be merged to form an end-to-end Google Marketing Platform, aka GMP.

What will GMP be able to give my business?

Let’s rewind to what DoubleClick and Analytics provided.


DoubleClick is a Google-owned company that displays advertisements on websites, allowing the advertiser to control the length of time the ad is shown for, plus how often it will appear. It also uses retargeting to use data from cookies to display adverts that are relevant to what you have viewed in the past. It uses data which it builds up about customers via their cookie history to show the most relevant ads to the most likely to convert.

Google Analytics

Analytics is a platform that analyses website traffic in a myriad of ways. Providing data on customer demographics, number of clicks on each page, bounce rate, and conversion percentage from each device or browser, plus real-time web traffic information, GA provides valuable insight into how well your website is performing, who your website audience is, and where it’s coming from (paid ads, organic traffic, social media, referrals, etc.). It can track the effectiveness of a specific campaign landing page, show the difference between web traffic from a certain date to now, and much more.

What’s the advantage of a combined DoubleClick and Analytics?

With the new GMP, marketers will be able to plan, buy, measure and optimise all digital media and customer experiences in one place, streamlining your marketing process tools to one convenient place. GMP, Google says, will help provide you with more effective and relevant marketing, while enabling you to respect your customer’s privacy by giving them control over their data.

With data from DoubleClick and Google Analytics, marketers are able to better understand their customers. This was regarded as the number 1 priority marketers had, so it’s valuable to combine data from both platforms.

Google has also ensured GMP supports over 100 integrations with other third party technology providers, giving you a tailored and flexible platform to analyse and better your business.

With such a unified marketing suite, Google can now provide a totally comprehensive view of all website, campaign, audience and performance data.

As always with such a new platform, it will roll out over a period of time. From mid-July, we will begin to see UI updates. Once we can navigate the new GMP, we will get more insight into just how effective this blending of platforms is.

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