Why content marketing rivals traditional advertising

There is no doubt that content marketing is turning out to be a strong rival for traditional advertising.

While both share the same goal – to generate more leads and sales – content marketing offers something valuable. Content in the form of blogs, emails, social media posts, and videos inform, educate, and engage customers, drawing them in instead of interrupting their lives, with ads popping up in the middle of their favourite TV or radio program.

From reducing risk and lead generation to lead nurturing and lead scoring, companies today are enjoying the benefits from their content marketing efforts.

The infographic below illustrates the growing impact, drawing on industry statistics to give marketers a clear view of why companies should have a content marketing strategy in place, the most popular tactics used, the amount of marketing dollars to be allocated and more.

It’s not all smooth sailing, and you’ll also get valuable insights into the key challenges content marketers are facing today.

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