Mortgage House

Automated customer service campaign generates 92% more 5-star customer reviews, helping mortgage house win ‘Best Home Loan of the year’ award.

The Background

Mortgage House had a huge database of emails, but they weren’t being utilised. They lacked Marketing Automation to benefit themselves or their customers. They had discovered that product reviews were of huge importance for new potential customers, who relied on third party feedback from sites like Product Review, before deciding on a Lender.

Mortgage House tasked Ultimate Edge with

  • Implementing Marketing Automation, sorting their data to be used efficiently and effectively.
  • Creating an easy way for customers to leave reviews.
  • Grow Mortgage House’s customer base and reputation.

The Challenge

Reviews can come in all shapes and sizes, and we wanted to impact Mortgage House’s reputation positively. They had so many happy customers which we wanted to display to new prospects. We also wanted any issues to be addressed so that Mortgage House would know where to improve.

The first challenge was to begin the lengthy process of helping Mortgage House clean their data, and integrate their custom-built CRM platform with Marketo – a Marketing Automation platform.

Mortgage House receives praise often, particularly from customers who had a fast settlement process, which is an important factor to potential customers. Armed with the insights we had of customer behaviour, we had to architect a marketing automation program that would generate more 5-star reviews from happy customers.

Our Solution

Marketo, a Marketing Automation platform, was used to send out emails to a segment of customers who were tagged as having experienced a quick settlement of less than 12 weeks. This email asked them to share their great experience on the Product Review website.

For those customers who had a settlement process of over 12 weeks, instead of directing them to leave a review, we asked for their feedback on the length of the settlement process in an email. Mortgage House could then use the information to improve business systems internally, and not impact their reputation before they could rectify the situation.

The results were instant and far exceeded expectation. We launched the campaign in late June, and in July the number of 5-star reviews on increased by 92% compared to May. The reviews continued to pour in over subsequent months, with many happy customers writing glowing reviews of their experience with Mortgage House.

In November, released its awards for the year, naming Mortgage House as Best Home Loan of the Year, which in turn generated lots of free PR for the company, including a segment on National Nine News specifically mentioning their award for best home loan product of the year!

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