Sales – Account Manager

Finally… You Can Earn As Much As You’re Worth With No Upside Limits And No More Moving Goalposts!

If you’re an ambitious, hard-working and accomplished sales superstar and the idea of working your own hours appeals to you, then please keep reading.

We’re looking for a driven, experienced, and results-focused superstar sales professional to provide EXTRAORDINARY customer service, nurturing and support to our value-seeking clientele to contribute to reaching new heights of accomplishment.

While ordinary sales professionals are exemplary customer service champions, what sets you apart is your immaculate sales record you have set to a very high standard producing astonishing results year after year.

But maybe, just maybe, you haven’t been paid or appreciated for all your remarkable results, continuous contributions and astounding accomplishments. Praise and accolades only goes so far, you want to be paid what you’re worth without any upside limits or moving goal posts every year.

In this role, you will be the first point of contact responsible for finding new business, making contact and nurturing them to consider becoming a client. We don’t adhere to a “push” sales approach, but rather a “pull” marketing approach that allows clients to self-select because they want what we have to offer.

The right candidate is not an arrogant or presumptuous salesperson focused on his or her sales pitch, but a value-driven, passionate and empathetic sales professional.

Specifically, we’re looking for a thoughtful, empathetic, customer-focused and service-oriented sales professional who can achieve his or her sales goals and objectives by helping our clients achieve and surpass their goals.

Naturally, to thrive in this role, you need to be a people-person enjoying the social aspect of meeting new clients and nurturing relationships with a long-term perspective.

You need to be a proactive self-starter, self-motivated and independent individual who enjoys the freedom of choosing your own hours and being responsible for your own success.

To flourish and succeed in this role you also need to have excellent written and oral communication as well as interpersonal skills. You need to relate well to others and be able to communicate with others clearly and persuasively.

As the excellent and people-centric communicator we expect you to be, you are not only familiar with active listening skills, building and maintaining trust and transparency in relationships, you also have internalised all of the above making effective and value-driven communication your genuine and authentic ‘calling card’. People trust you because you are your word and never over-promise and under-deliver.

You’re confident and competent when it comes to participating in internal meetings with management and work colleagues. People-centric communication skills and the ability to build strong relationships is as natural to you as swimming is to a fish.

You take full responsibility for your goals and objectives, meeting deadlines, and communicate clearly, kindly and timely with all involved when issues emerge.

While you are hardworking and conscientious, you realise you’re not perfect and are mature enough to apologise when things go wrong. This is what makes you human. Of course, you strive to learn from your mistakes so as not to repeat them.

You are not afraid to take an interest in others and exchange in small-talk, but you never lose focus of your primary goal: build and nurture value-based relationships.

You’re a balanced all-rounder meaning that while you thrive in face-to-face interactions, you don’t shun phone-based and email communication.

Being the professional salesperson we expect you to be, you have made a conscious decision to hold yourself to a higher standard than others in the industry.

You’re patient and know that healthy relationships are built one ethical step at a time. You don’t rush clients into making decisions that won’t serve their long-term interests. You take your time to grow and nurture client relationships strategically and respectfully knowing that the ones who should become our clients will, with care and attention, come to that realisation.

More About The Role:

 These are the skills, attributes and experience we are looking for in an ideal candidate:

  • Minimum of 5+ years sales or client service experience in media
  • An integrated advertising background with solid experience in digital media
  • Experience acquiring new client accounts (a proven track record we can verify is a must!)
  • The business acumen to lead and actively contribute to strategic conversations with C-Level Executives and other stakeholders
  • An entrepreneurial drive and attitude – willing to get your hands dirty in the running of projects; do whatever needs doing to get the outcome promised to the client
  • High levels of energy, drive and enthusiasm to create and sustain an environment of momentum and positivity
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • A professional presentation
  • Negotiation skills built on industry insights
  • A strategic mindset with a passion for proactively delivering unique marketing ideas and media campaigns
  • An ability to adapt to the challenges and opportunities that a small, high-growth business brings to ensure the best possible results within a multidisciplinary team
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy is vital, following up and following through is paramount 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Contact and convert leads into sales and turn sales into lasting WIN-WIN-WIN relationships where everyone wins (including YOU!)
  • Be the key contact on all our business accounts (you will be responsible for finding, keeping and growing your own accounts
  • Be our strategic BRAND AMBASSADOR, the face in the market representing our brand and the lead generator growing our business
  • Generate new business monthly by actively seeking out new client opportunities and growing and expanding business with existing clients
  • Manage the entire campaign process from prospecting to pitching to negotiation to campaign activation and post-campaign reporting and improvement
  • Find new segments in the market and engage and convert new clients to begin lucrative and long-term relationships
  • Work with our multidisciplinary team to explore new client opportunities across all four divisions
  • Direct and lead month-end reporting and balance sheet reconciliations to ensure client invoicing is 100% accurate
  • Develop and improve media strategies and plans that relate to specific client objectives and outcomes
  • Conjure up creative solutions for clients considering all areas relating to media strategy – launch multi-dimensional, integrated advertising campaigns that combine traditional and digital media elements for maximum results
  • Advise, guide and consult with clients about our products and services continuously educating them about the benefits of our solutions

Please provide the following:

We have a meticulous and systematic hiring process that covers all the bases because our goal is to hire the best sales superstar we can find.

Future growth of our business will depend on the right person, so we take this step very seriously. If you’re successful, you’ll be shortlisted for a face-to-face interview.

Before we get to that point, we need to see your sales results, the metrics that make you the superstar. Please provide them in a summary form with your application.

Also provide 3 to 5 references we can contact to verify your customer-facing skills.

Excited, want to join the team?

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