Aleisha McCall, UEC Founder and CEO, Nominated for 2021 Women Leading Tech Awards

Sydney, March 23rd, 2021: Aleisha McCall, founder and CEO of Sydney-based media and communications consultancy, Ultimate Edge Communications, has been nominated for the 2021 Women Leading Tech Awards.

The Women Leading Tech Awards are prestigious, globally-recognised awards that acknowledge and credit talented female leaders from Australia who have made outstanding contributions to promote the inclusion of females in the technology workforce.

Female employees at UEC have testified to Aleisha McCall’s talent as a leader and being fulfilled working with her, describing her as a “visionary.” Clients have noticed she is a “proactive advocate who supports women at all levels of her team, including leadership roles.”

This year’s Women Leading Tech Awards is placing more emphasis on the media and marketing sectors, as technology continues to transform industries around the globe, particularly with the implications of COVID-19, which has seen these sectors embrace technology like never before.

As a rapidly growing media and communications company led by a strong female advocate, Aleisha McCall was not nominated just because of her leadership qualities as CEO and mother of two, but because of her technological innovations integrating the 4 silos of media agencies into one cohesive service offering with an eye to add Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Heuristics to go beyond marketing automation and intelligence to embrace Robotic Process Automation. All to further bolster market-beating results for its high growth brands for much less cost than previously possible.

UEC boasts a strong advocacy for women in technology, with 75% of the company’s supervisor roles taken by women, 80% of promotions and bonuses given to female staff and flexibility for women to take maternity leave and if desired, they can resume their careers with minimal interruption based on their personal preferences and career goals.

The Women Leading Tech Awards is set to take place on Tuesday 20 April 2021 at the Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf.

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