Red Balloon APN Outdoor Christmas 2016

APN Outdoor brings Red Balloon’s last minute Christmas shopping message to life

With over 3000 Santa-approved experiences on offer, we worked with RedBalloon to seek out APN Outdoor’s most progressive format to cement RedBalloon as the easy, online location for the perfect last minute gift.

The seven day campaign targets 13 of the impressive digital billboards from APN Outdoor’s portfolio, using the technology to incorporate unique countdown messaging into their creative and impacting audiences across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. The campaign couldn’t have been more perfectly timed, with a recent APN Outdoor study finding that 1 in 5 people aged 18-39 don’t start their Christmas shopping until a few days before Christmas, with 27% saying that advertising gives them ideas for gift giving.

This is a great example of opportunities in the marketplace and 2017 is only going to bring bigger & better ones – we can’t wait!

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