Branch Out Your Short URL With LinkTree

Chances are if you’ve followed a “link in my bio” call to action, you’ve used a short URL app. To the naked eye, these apps can be quite ambiguous – were you redirected via Perhaps Or These apps are similar in their magic – long gone are the days of ruining your social aesthetic by jamming a four-line long URL into your Instagram bio or Facebook post. But what if you could redirect potential customers to not only one virtual location, but to multiple branches of your content in one go?

This is what the Australian LinkTree team offers and $15 million dollars from investors says they are delivering. So what is so great about multiple links? And how can your company benefit from LinkTree?

We’ve found the top 3 reasons why LinkTree might be the right choice for you

1.    Delivering multiple branches of content with one click

It’s simple – consumers are hungry for content. What drives you to scroll through Instagram stories or to create pinboards on Pinterest on your lunch break? Our minds are driven by information and visuals; we want to know and see more, right now. If you want to learn more about effective content marketing, you can read our insightful blog post here.

With LinkTree, your short URL doesn’t just direct the user to a virtual destination, it provides them with a full tour of your content – complete with an aesthetically pleasing itinerary launching page asking, where would you like to go next?

2.    Real-time control over what content your LinkTree URL delivers

The online world moves fast and internet marketing is a competitive arena. What you wanted to link to your customers last week is suddenly sold out or old news. So now you have to build a new short URL link, right? Not if you use LinkTree, you can make adjustments to what your short URL guides users to at any time – weekly, daily, even hourly.

3.    Money doesn’t grow on trees – LinkTree is budget-friendly

There are two simple monthly plans for companies using LinkTree: Free or US$6/ month. Although quite generic, the free version allows users to create unlimited links and QR codes. As a comparison, the paid version of short URL competitor is US$29/month. The least expensive paid plan is A$39/month. The US$6 LinkTree plan has a vast range of features including link scheduling, video links, newsletter email sign up, daily analytics and much more.

Is LinkTree king of the short URL jungle? You have 2 issues to consider:

1.    Is LinkTree stable and secure?

As reported by LinkedIn, LinkTree faced a security issue in July 2018 when Instagram marked many of their short URLs as spam. Although perhaps not a dealbreaker for some, setting up your content with LinkTree only to have the link banned from social media is somewhat of a marketing nightmare. LinkTree has addressed this and explains how to rectify the issue if it occurs in their FAQs.

2.    Lack of aesthetic control

The free version of LinkTree has their logo and limited opportunity for customisation; this is to be expected with most complimentary online apps. However, even the full paid version of LinkTree has a certain “look” to it. Could this impact your brand image? Some companies may be concerned that this may take away from their branding.

LinkTree offers the versatility of delivering multiple branches of your content via one short URL, at a low cost. What you may surrender in aesthetic control you will regain in total real-time content customisation, without ever having to change the link in your Facebook post or Instagram bio.

Now you know the pros and cons of using LinkTree!

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