3 of the newest and most creative scams to avoid

We’ve all heard the news about scams and hackers, but who are they targeting and how do people fall victim to them?

Surely that couldn’t happen to you, or could it?

Have a quick look at these three ingenious ways smart people were taken advantage of so you can protect yourself as well as your friends and family who might be a lot more vulnerable than you are.

“An ounce of perspiration is worth a gallon of blood.” — Dr Marc Dussault

Scam Example #1:

This article shows how CREATIVE and ORGANISED scammers have become. This ONE CON, netted them $44,000! That pays for a lot of person-hours of effort, technology and planning!

Aussie CEO loses $44k in two emails

The issue of crime is centuries old, what is DIFFERENT is the mechanism of the crimes and who is being targeted and how. 

As the criminal become emboldened and empowered — largely by anonymity with psychological and moral distance, the odds are stacked in their favour when it comes to the VICTIMS they ensnare in their sophisticated schemes.

We must remain diligent, informed and disciplined as well as inform and assist our closest friends and family members to prevent them from being victims!

The scammers often pray on people who are too busy, busy, busy and forget to cross their Ts and dot their Is.

There is ONE SIMPLE STEP that would have prevented this…

Can you think of what that is?




He should have contacted the LEGITIMATE BUSINESS directly NOT USING the provided contact details!


#SimpleAs #HindsightIs20-20

The scammers COUNT on enough people skipping that step and guess what? 

There are enough of them to fund the operations with MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.



Just don’t be that person…!

Scam Example #2:

This one is quite benign, but shows how creative some people have become to GAME THE SYSTEM.

Mystery packages arriving at people’s homes are signs of a new ‘brushing’ scam using personal address details sourced from data hacks

As far as I can tell, if you receive an unsolicited package, all you can do is RETURN IT.

It’s a sign your data might have been compromised, but since the sender is overseas, you have no recourse, just the knowledge of the potential data breach.


#Brushing #Phishing

Scam Example #3:

This next article focuses on a romance-based scam, but the PRINCIPLE has nothing to do with romance, everything to do with GREED.

The artistry in this scam is to PREY on the DESPERATE who are DISTRACTED by the romantic element and then the scammer pulls off the “sleight of hand”.

‘Looking back, it seemed almost inevitable’: The ‘pig butchering’ romance scam that cost a Sydney woman $46k

At the base of this is GREED – the desire to get RICH QUICK.

It’s in all of us, the question is only if we GIVE IN TO THAT VICE and get STUNG.


Please forward this blog post to friends and family!

Every person we can protect is ONE LESS they take advantage of.

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