Ultimate Edge Communications Named Finalists For B&T’s Women Leading Tech Awards!

The 2021 B&T’s Women Leading Tech Awards has announced the
shortlist of fantastic female finalists who are shaping the tech industry.

Aleisha McCall, Founder and CEO of Ultimate Edge Communications,
has led the company towards an innovative path that advocated
independence, equality, and confidence for women in tech.

Hard work has certainly paid off for Aleisha, as her efforts have elevated
the company to a global stronghold for women in tech advocacy, as
Ultimate Edge Communications earns its spot on the shortlist at the
second ever B&T’s Women Leading Tech Awards.

These prestigious awards recognise the incredible leadership of women
on a global scale, as companies around the world strive for those values
which are crucial for changing the world for the better.

On this occasion, Ultimate Edge Communications have made the
shortlist of companies under the category of ‘Advocacy’ for women in
tech, demonstrating a strong sense of workplace justice by consistently
taking action towards women’s rights and breaking down the gender

UEC has certainly gone above and beyond when it came to supporting
women in tech, from 75% of the company’s supervisors being women to
80% of promotions and bonuses being distributed to the female staff.

Employees at UEC often coin McCall as a “visionary” who is always
looking at new ways to change the work environment in support of
women, and with their CEO being a mother of two children herself, it is
no surprise that the company has become a major icon that advocates
for women in the workforce.

The B&T’s Women Leading Tech Awards is set to take place at Doltone
House, Jones Bay Wharf on Tuesday the 20 th of April 2021 from 12:00
pm – 3:00 pm AEST.

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