219 new clients book 149 treatments with a stellar re-booking rate of 44% at the prevailing average spend per client

The Background

Clear Skincare Clinic unveiled its newest haven of beauty in Cannon Hill, Queensland to bring a touch of skincare magic to the local community.

The Challenge

To ensure a grand opening for the new clinic, we were tasked to spread the word and entice locals through a lead generation campaign offering a free treatment to get as many people as possible to come into the clinic.

Our Solution

We devised a comprehensive strategy that encompassed various marketing activations; including social media, paid search, and letterbox drops to achieve two key objectives:

Awareness: Leveraging Meta’s R&F buy, our strategy aimed to garner 200,876 impressions on Facebook and 600 listens on Spotify to create awareness of the new clinic opening.

Intention: With a focus on generating leads, we aimed to secure 1,038 leads on Facebook at a cost per lead (CPL) of $13. We strategically leveraged Facebook and Instagram placements to engage an eager Cannon Hill audience keen on discounted skincare treatments. On Google, we were aiming to get 69 leads at a CPL of $35.

The Media Plan

Our media channel investment was divided into five parts, focusing on the awareness and intention stages. We executed the campaigns from August 15, 2022, to November 21, 2022.

The Results

The Cannon Hill New Clinic campaign exceeded expectations in every way. The social campaign resulted in 1,093 leads at a CPL below $11, surpassing the original target of 1,038 leads at a $13 CPL. For Google, the results were even more remarkable, with 193 leads at a CPL below $10, far surpassing the goal of 69 leads at a CPL of $35.

Notably, the Spotify campaign, a new avenue for us at the time, delivered outstanding results. It allowed us to expand the reach beyond Cannon Hill and achieved a 10,607% increase in reach, with a CPL of only $0.04 against the target of $2.08 (gross), an excellent result to create market awareness.

The Spotify campaign and letterbox drops significantly boosted awareness, resulting in 836 clients visiting the Cannon Hill clinic during the campaign period. On the intention front, the paid search and paid social campaigns outperformed the media plan, delivering 1,286 leads at a CPL under $11.

Key Statistics

Looking at the clinic’s results, the Cannon Hill New Clinic campaign was a resounding success. Between August and November 2022, the clinic welcomed 393 clients, with 219 new clients and 149 booking treatments.

As the campaign continued, 38% of clients had an open booking and 56% visited the clinic at least once.

The rebooking rate for Cannon Hill during the campaign period after a client’s first booking was an impressive 44%, with the average spend per client at $147.

Clear Skincare Clinic’s new location in Cannon Hill created market awareness and established a solid base of loyal clients.

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