Home page improvements increase the average time on page 18%, website sessions 31% and pageviews 19%

The Background

Recognising the need for a change, Clear Skincare Clinics decided to revamp its Australian and New Zealand homepages. The existing layouts were primarily designed for desktop users, often leading to poor functionality and hidden buttons on smaller, mobile devices.

The Task

We needed to enhance the homepage’s user experience and user interface, as well as restructure the information architecture.

The objective was to create a more user-friendly environment for clients to discover services, book appointments and purchase products online. The existing website lacked clarity, with various elements competing rather than harmoniously and efficiently guiding users towards the available solutions.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to develop new homepage templates for both Australia and New Zealand, including static and dynamic modules designed for mobile devices.

Additionally, a complete overhaul of the homepage content was required, to ensure image and copy brand consistency while highlighting current promotions, address key customer concerns to streamline the path to purchase.

New copy was required to enhance SEO rankings while maintaining the brand’s tone of voice.

Another challenge involved re-categorising the site’s navigation to present treatments and solutions in a clear format to guide users effectively, regardless of the device they used.

Our Solution

The website navigation was restructured to present content in a treatment/solution format and a mega menu-style navigation was developed for a seamless experience on both mobile and desktop.

The project management approach combined Lean-Agile and Waterfall methodologies, complemented by proprietary Parallel Processing Principles. Additionally, we applied the Fundamental UX/UI design principle: Atomic Design Systems, which involves five stages working harmoniously to hierarchically create a design interface.


The Australian homepage with the new navigation was launched on March 4, 2021, with impressive results.

  • Average time on page increased to an impressive 59 seconds, up from a modest 41 seconds.
  • Website sessions rose by 30.77%, and the average pages viewed per session increased by 10.11%.
  • Average session duration increased by 9.99%.

These results clearly indicate users were enjoying a more satisfying experience on the website, making it easier for them to explore options with more engagement and greater user satisfaction.

In New Zealand, the new navigation experience produced equally impressive results, with a 19.05% increase in total pageviews, a 18.99% rise in unique pageviews and a 3.96% increase in average time on page.

Site visits surged 19.51%, reflecting a vibrant start to website sessions with the bounce rate, remaining exceptionally low. Moreover, the page value increased by an impressive 7.23%, indicating that new homepage design successfully led more visitors to conversion.

In addition to this, the total number of website sessions increased by an impressive 30.96%, sessions per user grew by 2.04% and average session duration saw a 4.65% increase.

These results clearly indicate that users were enjoying a more satisfying experience. The enhanced navigation made it easier for users to explore more options at their convenience, resulting in more engagement and higher user satisfaction.

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