Ivory Coat

Outback Giveback campaign provides a whopping 207,560 Kg of stock feed for Aussie farmers in need

The Background:

Since 2015, Ivory Coat has had a proud history of supporting Aussie outback communities. In 2018, they embarked on their most ambitious campaign yet: to deliver 160,000 kg of stock feed to Aussie farmers in need.

Ivory Coat Tasked Ultimate Edge With:

• Amplifying the Outback Giveback campaign message to the market.

• Explaining how every purchase of Ivory Coat helped Aussie farmers.

• Increasing brand awareness as Australia’s leading grain-free pet foods.

• Increasing traffic to their website. Driving leads through free sample requests.

The Challenge:

Ivory Coat had an excellent product, a genuine passion for their four-legged friends, and a long-term commitment to helping the drought-stricken farmers of the Outback. They needed to plan a marketing strategy spanning search, Facebook, point-of-sale and radio.

Our Solution:

The key here was education. The Outback Giveback campaign was a new concept, and the messaging needed to explain a lot to the market. UEC coined the headline to distil the idea: Feed your pet, help a farmer. Ivory Coat supported Aussie Farmers by donating 5% of stock weight from every bag of dry dog food sold.

The Outback Giveback campaign allowed pet owners to contribute by feeding their pet grain-free goodness, while farmers would benefit from the automatic donation with every pack sold.

The Media Plan:

This campaign hit pet owners from all sides. Led by an intricate social post strategy, the wave of placements inspired people to get involved and make a real difference to the lives of Australian farmers.

We also reached customers through EDMs, Video On Demand and a radio campaign with Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS 106.5 FM. There was also a big push with promotional offers at various pet food stores across Australia, so pet owners could aid farmers and save money at the same time.

The Results:

With an extensive media campaign across social, search and native, we helped create a grass-roots movement. This campaign became a massive rallying cry to get people involved for a great cause, empowering pet owners to support Australian farmers.

The results were even better than expected. Thanks to Ivory Coat, Aussie Helpers and the Australian public, an incredible 207,560 kg of stock feed was donated to Aussie farmers, well ahead of the initial 160,000 kg target and achieved 6,656 leads through free sample requests from this campaign alone.

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