Mortgage House

‘Get More’ campaign generates 25% more leads, while Ultimate Edge achieve over $200k added media value reaching over 4.3 million radio listeners

The Background:

Mortgage House is an award-winning lender specialising in home loans of all shapes and sizes. Ultimate Edge works closely with Mortgage House each month to deliver website content, advertising and marketing strategy, and media implementation.

Mortgage House Tasked Ultimate Edge With:

• Increasing awareness of the benefits of taking a Mortgage House home loans for both new and existing customers. 

• Increasing awareness that staying with your lender or loan out of ease may cost money, but that taking out a home loan with Mortgage House may save you money in the long run, and provide many more benefits. 

• Higher conversions without increasing the marketing budget.

The Challenge:

With a highly competitive home loan market, Mortgage House required an edge to continue their strong lead generation. With interest rates beginning to move, we had to change the conversation, to showcase more than just their low rates.

Our Solution:

Through a dedicated phase of creative ideation, we led the brief and surmised that customers didn’t want the financial obligation of a mortgage to hold them back from enjoying life. Our approach was to show them how they could get more from their home loan and also more from life. The next step was to determine how best to convey that to attract and convert leads through media.

Our overarching campaign message ‘Get More’ was established and the distribution
of creative was strategically planned to attract customers through the sales funnel, from brand awareness all the way to conversion.

Ultimate Edge worked on campaign ideation, media strategy, creative production and campaign optimisation to deliver a successful result. Engaging creative assets were produced to showcase the campaign online, through radio, and via email automation.


Get More made an instant connection with consumers, with results surpassing the previous month and without increasing the marketing budget. The campaign strategically took an omnichannel approach to target customers, with content tailored to each platform.


Paid Digital acquired an overall conversion rate 11% higher than the previous month. Paid Search alone generated a conversion rate of almost 12%. Overall, leads increased in May through digital channels by 25% and we achieved the strongest paid search click-through rate for the year at 8.72%.

Continuously optimising each campaign through detailed reporting has allowed Ultimate Edge to generate more leads without a budget increase, and a higher quality of digital traffic through a smaller number of clicks.


A massive added value was achieved through media buying, with over 270 FREE bonus radio spots on top of the booked schedule, and thousands of dollars in added value in one month alone. The distribution of radio ads provided widespread brand awareness, reaching over 4.3 million listeners.

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