Opening Roof Specialists

Targeted lead gen Facebook Campaign generates an unprecedented 158 leads in just 30 days, over 17.5 times more effective than traditional channels

The Background:

Opening Roof Specialists custom-install innovative premium opening roof systems that craft sophisticated, eco-friendly outdoor living spaces. Their sales had dropped and they needed a quick lead generation strategy.

ORS Tasked Ultimate Edge With:

• Creating successful lead generation campaigns.

• Building engaging landing pages for digital campaigns and lead form re-designs.

• Continually working on site content improvements.

The Challenge:

Opening Roof Specialists’ average time from lead to purchase is 3 months. In order to fully understand and review campaign conversion rates, cost of sale values and ROI, we needed to create a full feedback loop. In Sydney, there are 2 events each year that can be leveraged to create mass leads – the Sydney Home Show in May and October. An engaging and dedicated landing page had to be fully in place before October to ensure leads generated would have a higher chance of converting.

Our Solution:

Armed with plenty of target audience insight, we designed a dedicated landing page for lead generation Facebook ads, targeting specific groups of people, including affluent homeowners and users who have similar attributes as their website visitors.

These have been astronomically successful, generating 158 leads in only 30 days! So far, we have been asked to pause the campaign TWICE because ORS design consultants have been stretched to full capacity. With traditional channels generating only 9 leads in the same time frame, it’s clear to see the difference our strategy and creative input has made.

The data collected from this Lead Generation form was connected to a newly created feedback loop with the data captured from the Facebook lead gen form automatically fed back to the client’s CRM. This allowed the design consultants to immediately act on the new opportunities.

To give Opening Roof Specialists an extra edge, we also created email marketing templates in Salesforce to enable ORS to easily nurture their leads with targeted email marketing as they come in from our campaigns.

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