HOYTS Cinema

HOYTS Cinemas increases gifts card sales by 36% in 3-month campaign that reached almost 3 million with twice the radio airtime allocation initially budgeted

The Background:

HOYTS Cinema has become one of the world’s leading entertainment corporations. HOYTS Australia and New Zealand owns and operates 43 cinemas with over 400 screens and more than 75,000 seats. As part of their overall offering across Cinema, Kiosk and now Stream, HOYTS wanted to remain at the forefront of entertainment and engage with a new audience.

HOYTS tasked Ultimate Edge with:

• Re-invigorating the HOYTS brand in Australia and ensure the brand is at the top of the shopping list for all things MOVIES.

• Increase ticket sales across Australia for key screenings.

• Introduce HOYTS Gift Cards in the lead up to Christmas 2013.

Our Solution:

We put HOYTS Cinema at the forefront of a major brand launch in a joint partnership with the Australian Radio Network.

The iHeartRadio sponsorship offered HOYTS Cinema a multi-channel platform to extend their brand messaging. We launched the sponsorship with a mix of recorded promotional spots and live liners across the Mix, Classic Hits and The Edge radio stations.

A dedicated custom radio station was created, ‘Movie Mix brought to you by HOYTS Cinema’ featuring music from the movies you love. Consumers were able to tune in and enter movie related promotions across the campaign period.


• HOYTS received DOUBLE the airtime promised across all ARN stations nationally and reached an average of 2,577,000 Australians over the first 3 month period (according to Neilson Media Research Survey 8, 2013).

• From Oct-Dec 2013 iHeart Radio drove a total of 27,748 visitors to the HOYTS custom radio station, while the average amount of time spent listening was 40 mins. We can now play this custom station in all HOYTS Cinemas across the country to further promote the HOYTS brand to patrons at each Cinema.

• The online display media over delivered by 100%, with over 1.7 million impressions & generating 2,985 clicks to the Movie Mix station.

• HOYTS Cinema experienced a 36% increase in HOYTS Gift Card Sales in week one of the promotional period.

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