Markle Sparkles In Paspaley Pearls With Organic Post Outperforming Paid 1700%

The Background:

Paspaley is renowned for producing the rarest and most beautiful pearls in the world. So when one of the most photographed women in the world, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle wore Paspaley‘s Lavalier Opal Hero earrings during the Australian royal tour in late 2018, it presented an incredible PR opportunity.

The Instagram post featuring Meghan Markle achieved 340,394 impressions.

Paspaley tasked Ultimate Edge with

Capitalising on the excitement surrounding the Australian royal tour.

Maximising exposure of Meghan Markle’s opting for Paspaley jewellery.

Getting more eyeballs on the organic Instagram post from the affluent luxury segment.

The challenge:

True to the brand’s philosophy and its positioning in the luxury goods market as a premium brand, Paspaley is highly discerning about their brand exposure. We had to keep that in mind and be very selective and strategic with our media placement selection.

Our Solution:

Based on our competitive analysis research into the luxury market we recommended Instagram as the key platform to reach and engage with the target audience on social media.

We also found that 62% of posts with top engagement, featured an influencer. Having Meghan Markle in Paspaley further provided an element of authenticity in content that also resonated with the audience turning to Instagram for inspiration and the latest in luxury goods.

Timing was everything, and this called for a quick turnaround while the royal visit was hot and had the entire nation’s attention. We went live with the organic Instagram post featuring three images in the carousel, with the last slide showcasing the Lavalier earrings. Putting our media spend behind selective placements for a week ensured the post displayed to the desired target audience while the Royals were in the news.

In December, we also partnered with Vogue to create a bespoke editorial content feature on Meghan Markle titled ‘The jewellery line that Meghan Markle counts as a favourite’. This provided a strong PR branding partnership opportunity and valuable SEO backlink.

The Results:

The Instagram post featuring Meghan Markle achieved 340,394 impressions, valuable exposure to the target audience in the premium luxury goods segment. Proving extremely popular, the organic post received 34,401 reactions and 36,223 engagements, outperforming other paid ads run by this client by over 17 times.

The Vogue editorial piece generated further interest and credibility, attracting 2,817 page views and exceeding our goal of 1,000 page views – a 180% increase. Overall, the  SEO results by January 2019 also picked up with SEO traffic increasing by 7% YoY.

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