$180,000+ in sales with a 5.99 ROAS and 10,000 clicks in a 4-week campaign.

The Background

The Big Bonus Sale is an annual campaign for CSC. The theme of the sale is to get rewarded for your purchases by receiving bonus add-ons. The more you buy, the more bonus value you receive.

Clear Skincare Clinics Tasked Ultimate Edge With

  • Producing high impact creative assets to showcase bonus value for customers.
  • Executing a high performing media strategy across Social Media and Native In-Article Display Media.
  • Promoting the entire range of services; skin treatment, laser hair removal and products.
  • Driving people to the website and then enticing them to purchase.

⚒ The Challenge ⚒

To deliver the right message to the right person and create enthusiasm for an in-between season sale. This campaign needed to cover both top and bottom funnel activations, so delivery and weighting strategy was important for success. Bold, clear messaging and attention-grabbing assets to highlight the impressive offers was key to Social Media and Display performance.

Our Solution

The main focus was ad targeting at various stages of the funnel to maximise CPC, CPA and ROAS.

Captivating Offers Through Distinct Design & Copy

Within the first 2 seconds, audiences need to be engaged and persuaded to buy. We spelled out the savings and value in each Big Bonus Sale offer.

i.e. ‘$34’, was ‘$69’ + FREE add-ons with every purchase’.

The text was easy to read and set upon clear, uplifting and true-to-brand design in various formats: video, carousel and static image ads to optimise every ad placement.

Broad Consideration Campaign to Drive Leads to Website

Ultimate Edge Communications had to instantly help new customers connect and trust the brand at the consideration stage to drive them through the funnel to purchase. A well-formulated ‘consideration’ ad placement strategy resulted in 9700 clicks with an average CPC of $0.94 from audiences across a wide range of locations.

Custom Audiences and Direct CTAs at the Conversion Stage

Using a narrower lookalike audience and implementing a retargeting strategy, the conversion campaign, which featured price points and clear savings in dollar value, delivered 966 transactions in a 4 week period. Distinct CTAs ‘Shop Now’ and ‘Buy Now’ made it quick and easy for customers to purchase across multiple platforms.

The Big Bonus Sale 2022 was extremely successful and its framework will no doubt inform future sale campaigns for Clear Skincare Clinics.

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