Red Balloon

4-week brand repositioning produces Redballoon’s all-time best, record-breaking Christmas sales in its 16-year history


A couple of months out from Christmas, RedBalloon realised that they had strayed from their brand DNA and that there was confusion in the market about the brand’s core proposition. They commissioned a consumer study which revealed the insight that although RedBalloon had 80% brand awareness, they only had 20% brand consideration.

We delivered the best Christmas in terms of revenue in 16 years.

Red Balloon tasked UEC with:

Creating and implementing a strategy to cut through the noise and clarify/communicate their offering in a way that consumers could understand.

The Challenge

With Christmas just around the corner, the challenge was enormous. RedBalloon needed to redefine their brand proposition, launch this into the market, while at the same time developing and rolling out a creative and media strategy for their Christmas campaign – the largest campaign of the year in terms of revenue.

We wholeheartedly trust and rely on Ultimate Edge for the right media advice and consider them an extension of our marketing team. They go well above the call of duty and know how to strike the perfect balance of performance media and brand engagement. We see Ultimate Edge as a true business partner, not just a supplier.

Bonnie Thorn
Head Of Marketing

Our Solution

UEC helped RedBalloon reposition themselves in the market by bringing them back to their roots as a Gifting company.

A new brand direction was developed, including new brand positioning and tagline, and was rolled out in just four short weeks. 40 film clips of varying lengths were planned, created, and marketed, from 6-second Bumpers on YouTube to 30-second Brand Commercials, and delivered Facebook assets for marketing the campaign online. We carried out plenty of out-of-home advertising on outdoor billboards too – from a ubiquitous Town Hall “Station Domination” coverage to ‘full wrap’ advertising on buses, driving the RedBalloon message extensively across Sydney.

To give RedBalloon independence and flexibility, we provided Hero Digital, so they could use creative concepts across key mediums to create future campaigns that followed our strategy and design. Creative guidelines and style guides were produced to cement the new brand positioning and giving RedBalloon’s in-house team creative direction.

With the help and support of our strategy and delivered result, RedBalloon enjoyed its best Christmas in terms of revenue in 16 years.

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