Custom-built gift guide cuts through clutter of 4,500 products with an interactive customer experience to triple website conversions for leading online retailer RedBalloon

The Background:

While developing the brand campaign, we identified an opportunity for RedBalloon to showcase their authority in gifting by creating a microsite which guides the consumer to the best and most popular gifts available for their intended giftee.

RedBalloon Tasked Ultimate Edge With:

Increasing the conversion rate on their site in time for the busy Christmas period.

The Challenge:

RedBalloon’s conversion rate was lacking, potentially due to the sheer selection of gifts available, with no easy way for the user to refine their search to a more accurate and appropriate result. To stop customers drowning in a sea of over 4,500 products, our first challenge was to put the user in front of the gifts that they are likely to purchase.

The second challenge was giving the user a way to save their favourite gifts in order for them to decide at a more convenient time, thus enabling more chance for a return visit and conversion.

We wholeheartedly trust and rely on Ultimate Edge for the right media advice and consider them an extension of our marketing team. They go well above the call of duty and know how to strike the perfect balance of performance media and brand engagement. We see Ultimate Edge as a true business partner, not just a supplier.

Bonnie Thorn
Head Of Marketing

Our Solution:

We nurtured the idea of a Gift Guide to fruition, creating a handy, custom-made widget that would lead users to find a perfectly curated selection of gifts.

The microsite featured an easy-to-navigate series of multiple choice questions, where the user could select who the gift was for, the desired gift location, the personality of the recipient, and the budget they had to spend.
The Gift Guide then presented a tailored selection of gifts based on the user’s provided information.

It was imperative to give the user flexibility and freedom, while also guiding them toward making a purchase. By creating a wishlist feature, users were able to save their favourite gifts and come back later to decide and buy the perfect one.

Our marketing strategy that followed had us retargeting those who left the site without converting, as well as driving traffic to the site via social media and native ads. This gave us many avenues to target and convert potential customers.

The Gift Guide we ideated, designed and developed converted triple the rate of the normal website, driving incremental revenue for RedBalloon in their key retail period. Their customers felt looked after with a personal experience, and were quickly able to find their perfect gift, buying when they felt ready. Win-win!

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